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Psychic- Feels Like I'm Sleeping But I'm Wide Awake


Before I share my story that is sort of troubling me, I will share a little something about my past. Forgive my ramble, I tend to do so when I seem to have a lot to say & unsure how to properly phrase it. However, I will do my best. Alright, here we go.

Ever since I was born, everyone knew I was "special". I've always been able to feel others emotions & energy as well as being able to see things that weren't really there. As a kid, my family would say that it's due to an overactive imagination. My family would say that I am an oversensitive person with an imagination greater than most to which now I know isn't the case. Since birth, I've been an empath, medium & so much more. It was quite troubling for me. Simply because my mother has always been aware of such things but prefers to label it as otherwise & neglect whatever cannot be explained. Her sister, my aunt, also had the gift if receiving messages from those whom have crossed over through her dreams. But what triggered it all for me was the death of my father at the age of 8. I feel like I've been always been different but when he fell sick, I just knew that whatever I was grew. It was very difficult for me. I got withdrawn by everyone around me. I turned extremely solitary. My mother had no idea how to deal with me because I was only an 8 year old girl. She was scared. I remember to this day, when my mother told me that my father passed away, I didn't cry or anything. I simply replied "I know" in a low voice. His death cause a lot of problems between my mothers side & my fathers, which lead me to suffer from a trauma due to all of that. I went to see a psychologist which didn't help me. I didn't talk & sadly, it only taught me to lie in order to hide how I was truly feeling. It was then, that I started to notice a hue around the psychologist & people. As well as object which I now know is Aura. Anyways, I won't ramble to long about my past but I just wanted to share what I went through in my childhood. It truly magnetized my gifts (what I thought then was a curse).

Now, let's fast forward to today. I'm a healthy 26 year old woman. Aware of who I am but still learning because I am discovering that my gifts are growing. I no longer see as what I have as I once did, a curse, but a blessing. Sure, we all have harder days, such as now but I am aware of who I am & welcome my new gifts/powers as they come. I always have one rule which is "to do no harm". When I help an earth-bound spirit, it is to help him/her see the light & go through it. Luckily, my boyfriend is aware of it. We don't speak about it in detail because it could be a little confusing but he is aware of such things & knows that there is more then meets the eye. I recall, once I helped this gorgeous little boy cross over, he was confused & wasn't aware he was dead. He was truly beautiful. I helped him crossover to the light but before he did, he looked at me & said "thank you miss, can I hug you before I go up there?" I replied "of course!" We hugged, so tight & I caressed his face. He held my hand before going to the light. I got so emotional. I started to cry. I told my boyfriend. He held me tight & simply said "you brought him to a better place, he is happy & where he belongs." Gosh, sometimes it's not easy but when you do the right thing, it's rewarding. Anyways, all that to say, I am glad that my boyfriend is there to help me. Makes it easier for me because a lot of my family members (especially my mother & sister, aren't ones I can speak to about it). Even if I have my moms sisters, my aunts that I can.

Forgive my rambling!

Now, why am I here? Lately, I've been sensing something odd. I can't seem to understand what it is. I had a wonderful weekend with my boyfriend. Sunday was the perfect laidback day before starting the week. Am I stressed? No, not at all because work has slowed down a little which gives me time to do a bit of paperwork cleanup. However, for some reason, waking up on Monday, I felt beyond strange. It feels like I'm sleeping but I'm wide awake. I still feel that way today. I took nice long showers yesterday & this morning. I even meditated & called used my tarot, crystals & even tried skyring to see what it could be but that feeling isn't gone. Worst part, my boyfriend has been feeling the same. We haven't done anything to trigger it. I have been psychic for a very long time & know not to play around with entities or earth-bound because some could very well be malignant. Feeling like I'm asleep but awake, it's as if my entire body is numb. That same numbness that occurs when you are falling asleep. Everything is enhanced. Lights seem brighter too & yet not at the same time. I know, it might sound crazy but I have no idea where to turn too... I probably don't make any sense but I tried to explain my situation to my mother but she tries to rationalize it by saying is the weather but the weather is due to what I am feeling... Everything is connected & I don't know who I am channeling. I also keep having blackout dizzy spells but I managed not to faint. Again, my health is 100%. I went for my annual about a month ago, same for my man, & we are both healthy & clean. So, what could it be?

I know that ever since I went vegan, my gifts have grown. Before anyone says that I am lacking nutrients or vitamins, please read above. I stated that my boyfriend & myself are very healthy. Clean Bill of Health.

I also want to mention that, I did a cleansing & I will be doing another one tonight. I just don't like feeling like I cannot control "this". Being able to have all these gifts, one shouldn't feel such a way... Which is why I am seeking your help.

I really appreciate it.

Again, forgive my ramble:)

Positive Vibes to all!


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PathR (4 stories) (1245 posts)
5 years ago (2015-07-22)
Kristenmonte, I do agree that diet can help open up psychic abilities. I fast during day once a week, or every other week. With an aim to silence my mind.

I do not exclude meat as my body could not handle being a Vegatarian.

Your description depicts growth/awareness of inter connectedness of all as well as stripping away of Ego. Which tells me your Casual/Soul and Devine chakra are open. You may possibly go into down loading info from the Cosmic aka: Christ consciousness. But you would have to confirm by telling or other symptoms.

People who experience Trance Channelling go into a dream like state when prepare to open up. These individuals normally have worked in Spirit release work first.

By practicing Grounding. This disciple will help when you
Practicing opening and close the heighten experience. The Heart-Astral, Top of head-Soul/Divine/back of head-Casual hyper extends will fold back. If you do grounding and diet. You depiction says you are too open.

Possible looking at Deepak Chopra book: Healing The Heart. Thou this book speaks about Coranary Heart disease. It emphasizes the 3 types of diet for different people. Which can help you find the best vegetarian diet.

It is possible for other people to share our experiences of heightened experiences? Yes it is.
I have experienced this with my spouse.
And I base this on:Soul groups and the Law of Energy exchange.
Triskaideka (2 posts)
5 years ago (2015-07-21)
You're welcome, Kristen. I came here today to see if I could find a post relevant to my soul-searching and yours called to me. You got my first ever comment so... Your first post, my first comment. 😆

Something else I should have mentioned is that in ancient times when priests and priestesses "fasted", that actually meant that they skipped animal products. A vegan diet, according to ancient terms, is already a fast. That's why the druids were considered so incredibly spiritual; they consumed nothing of the flesh.

So your "cleanses" are actually not very necessary and may take you a little too far over the edge as well. Fasting is to help free your spirit from your body a little more, so this experience of yours may also be indication that you require more sustenance. I suggest reserving the "cleanses" for once-a-month or not at all. And if you find yourself on the other side... Don't eat the food of the fae. 😉
kristenmonte (guest)
5 years ago (2015-07-21)
Thank you so much for your message, Triskaideka. 😁 I'm one who never speaks (writes) out on forums/sites but thought this was the perfect one & glad I did!

You've got that right, I am often pulled to the other realm which is why it's hard to sometimes cut them out but through meditation & proper diet/exercise, it sure helps. I just haven't had something this strong occur to me in a long time. I usually help that realm while being on our side of the veil but this time... I must of taken a few steps farther on that side. Once again, thank you!

Blessed Be & Positive Vibes to you ❤
Triskaideka (2 posts)
5 years ago (2015-07-21)
I logged in specifically out of concern and typed up a long response, but I don't want to overreact to something that may not be a huge deal.

My first thought was that perhaps you are getting too drawn into the spirit-world and need to step back.

Personally, I went through what you're currently going through when I was a teen, and it lasted for years. I never felt like I was really here. Never felt fully awake. Never felt like I was real. That's when my abilities were at their peak.

Due to scary experiences, I closed everything off and put up barriers and never looked back... Until my 20s. Then I started to open up again. And then I was back into that sleepy dream-like state wherein the world just didn't seem fully tangible.

First of all, whenever you do connect with the spirit-world, I highly recommend you bind yourself to the physical realm in some way. Each person has a different method. I envision a binding cord between my tailbone and the center of the earth. But you may find other methods which I'm sure people here will have.

Without a tether, you become vulnerable, and you can drift away.

My advice would be to seek out a priestess or a legitimate psychic who can work with you on how to tether yourself and also shield yourself if you haven't already.

I would also recommend that you take a break from your spirit-work every once in a while. Perhaps one day a week. Just one day a week, try to live more fully in the physical world.

After my instinctive and emotional response (which I deleted and reworded in a more calm fashion) it then occurred to me that you may be experiencing a perfectly normal physical phenomenon. After sleeping for 12 hours, I felt pretty sleepy all day yesterday. I'm feeling rather unawake now, even, because I got about 5 hours sleep last night. 😳 (I'm trying *so* hard to flip my sleep schedule around to be diurnal.)

The fact that you did a cleanse means that you had a lower calorie intake. I don't doubt that you have enough vitamins and minerals, but reduced caloric intake will slow your metabolism, and also impact your ability to sleep. I'm not saying that a once-a-week fast is a bad idea (I used to do it). On the contrary, I think almost everyone would benefit from it. I'm just saying that you may be feeling the after-effects as your body adjusts to it.

There are also other possibilities: hormone shifts (and your pheromones would affect one another's, by the way), weather changes, dehydration, interrupted sleep, altered sleep schedule, increased physical exertion, etc.

Keep in mind that it's difficult for the body to retain water when there is no salt or sugar to help it be absorbed. My bet, spiritual things aside, is that you are a little bit dehydrated. I studied nutrition & dietetics at university and used to run five miles every other day. I know what I'm talking about. 😊

So here's an idea for your next cleansing: Add just an ounce of juice and a pinch of salt to 16 oz of water. This is a typical recipe for something called a "sports beverage" which athletes use while exercising. That will keep you well hydrated when you are consuming no solid foods.

Blessed be! ❤

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