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Far-seeing My Distant Future Lives


I have been growing up over the past two decades (am turning 21 in a few days) and It's been rough adjusting to life and dealing with the problems that everyone has and the ones that everyone makes however recently my dreams and my waking life have started to bend into each other and I can recall my dreams while awake and plan my dreams before I sleep. This power I discovered has led me into a deep trench and unlocked a whole mess of spirituality that lies ahead of the whole population of earth. These dreams and daydreams have given me intuitive spurts of light and information about my future, and for the most part the future of the human race.

To get to the point I am seeing the future of our lives that exists in the next few thousand years, it concerns our mind, our physical bodies, our spirits, and our souls, and the mysterious connections that are in between them all. What I can see is a lot of metaphysical spirits and what actually, I personally believe, are Godlike Deities that are from the future and using their minds to bridge a connection in time to our present and talk with us, or guide us in a sense, into a better future, one that contains a better universe and is more positive than the one that we are currently (patterns that lie within us) ahead of us.

Long story short these visions are sexually driven and for lack of a better term absolutely horrifying. I can see a lot of people very hurt and confused and not sure why what happened to them had happened. I'm using my abilities that I have here in the present to guide myself and my fellow kin into a better future that suits us. From what I can see, there is a lot of darkness and confusion on part of the living and their inability to grow older or mature, which intern leaves people reincarnating with confusion and scarred pasts or just plain not reincarnating and staying stuck in the purgatory, (Hell). These visions were brought on by a connection I have with my spirit guides who are trying to help me further my education and learning experience here on earth.

Its people that are for the most part innocent and have light white souls and I can see them suffering and this is in the future. These visions started miss matching with visions of my terrifying past lives, which include being AIDS stricken and becoming overwhelmingly possessed until I committed murder and then was in tern murdered. Being kept in captivity as a sex slave until I finally died of cannibalism. Being caught in a homosexual relationship and being murdered by the other humans for being a 'demon'. I could go on but it wouldn't sound very good, and these are all just past lives.

I'm here now in the present, which is an extremely great life and a wonderful chance to change my future for the better, so mix in terrifying and haunting images and MEMORIES from your past lives with onset of images from the future that contain similar themes, like, Rape, Molestation, Violence, Murder, Cannibalism, the works. It's HARD to put it bluntly. And from what my spirit guides have told me, I have to make these decisions and manifestations, while awake, NOT DREAMING: ([Big Sad Face] So the trajectory of my life will be riddled with what any scientist would claim is mental illness, but is actually me seeing the multidimensional universe for what we're capable of doing and using the powers within our minds to manifest our future with the power of thought to create a better reality, one with significantly less malevolence (FOR GOD'S SAKE).

What I can see is a future that is far far into the distance (more than 6 incarnate lives away) however, it is in my best interests to make these hard decisions right now and brave these images and do my best to channel positive energies into the future while I have the time right now. So I'm left with my choice of, Ignore it (It's Not Real LOL!) Or PAY ATTENTION and work hard at both living in modern America all the while spontaneously see feeling some rather 'odd' sensations while I'm in the middle of God Knows What. Needless to say, this has gotten in the way of my life, and created a wedge between me and my family, who haven't the slightest clue what to do and me not the slightest clue what to tell them about it.

So these images, however far into the future, are definitely legit and powerful at that. Some dreams that I have are just down right depressing how much muck and grim there is in the future for all of us. To be able to see the patterns that people are caught in and how those patterns are drawing them into a messed up life. (PS I can't do much about it!) There Deities at work to help us better ourselves before it's too late, (and secretly extraterrestrials who already see us spiraling into these terrible situations.)

On the bright side, since I can far-see this 'ShitStorm' coming for us I can far-see a little further and things are significantly tougher but still bright and offer some joy to be had in the future. I'm using my imagination which has become a very important and powerful tool and I've come up with different ways of contacting my future self and having them make decisions for me to navigate through time and space. Setting up moments in time and memories that of my other "Dark Self" who exists in the dimension that I don't want to be in, (reasonably he would rather me be in the same dimension as him so I have to literally outwit myself in the past with the future with the information that have here in the present Hashtag, AnythingIsPossible) I call my other negative self a Dhkardin. Also I've been collecting my selves in sideways dimensions so that my future self and my present self can be in the same time and place simultaneously working on the same task. Believe what they tell you on the science channel, time and space is not a straight line, and its not linear like our senses tell us. This and other skills such as speeding or slowing time and space have been fictional concepts that I am aware of are evident in all of our futures.

You can't be scared of this kind of stuff that is the oppressive factor. You have to answer all those things that normally people become annoyed at, angry with, or disturbed by with light and love. That is the only way pretty much that one can avoid making a bad situation worse is by just witnessing it and reserving their actions with passive light and love. (OMG!) I have to literally edit my vocabulary and take out negatives and stop saying things like 'I Can't' because it doesn't help at all, it just makes for another problem. So I have literally been working on seeing and making out a better future, because we're here on earth for a very long time. I am becoming aware of the fact that I'm an Angel Incarnate and that there isn't much I can do about this besides help anyone I see in need of help. People here in this day and age just don't care and that's what hurts, because they should care, they have to care, and their lack of care is the reason we're headed for such madness.

I'm hoping to get some people that are aware of this evident future and start producing faith and checkpoints now in the present while we still have time so that we can smoothly enter that new part of our future. Anyone with any bit of information or love and tolerance and patience to offer is greatly appreciated. I love you all and I pray for us. These next two centuries here on earth are CAKE and it's a good time to enjoy ourselves and the light that earth has to offer. I am hopeful that I can use this time here on earth to aid the human race before we are forced to leave the earth in search of a new planet to live on.

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joni437 (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-10)
And please if you can, email me

I have some questions... Thanks much
joni437 (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-10)
Truzzyx, you absolutely sound like you got it right... When people hear about others having voices inside their head they immediately question that person as some low lying energy, it is a negative energy draining saga... I have to agree to some degree that the voices usually are a projection of ourself to get us out of a negative pattern and onto a brighter future by molding behaviors. You see we live in cycles some do, those are allowed to either push out the negative situations by pushing out the negative people, so they can better recognize who will be true to them or who is true intentioned. Others are out of the cycle and allowed to see into the actual reality of life, some past, some future. It is very important not to focus on the past, to stay in the now and focus our energies on what we would like to see happen for the better of all, to inject love into all situations, and to speak with power into all situations that can be changed because IT IS the present. I would not want to be where you are honestly, having to pick up my other selves as if I have to play a video game, but in the same, it is al the same.

It is our responsibility to see a better life for ourselves, but we have that choice, to either envision/create a life worth living in our life's experiences now, or look so far into creating something else that allows our time to be spent in creating the time speed/slow process etc. Everyone's journey is somewhat different, but YES the oh passive light & love instead of anger/frustration comments, that's a doozie! But as long as we understand it. Lawd, where is the relief? I sure didn't think it would take this long to get a life, lol ❤
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (214 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-25)
Even though I don't believe in past lives they are still possible though.
lighthouse (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-25)
I found your post searching for instances of people experimenting with far seeing, and while I'm coming at this from a different angle as you and with a different skillset, I'd really love to chat - You looking for help?
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-13)
Sorry for not responding sooner but could this be my spirit guide
I was walking to school and the cross lady blew the wissel and I was supposed to walk but befire I took the step a male voice said stop and I stoped then a black mersadies was going at least 90 mph (im pribaly over exaggerating but was definitely enough to kill someone) but the voice all so said rain a week ago and a thunderstorm came and it was ranning hard
truzzyx (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-11)
I used techniques from a book called, psychic for beginners by Edgar Cayce where you are instructed to imagine a beach of time where you are able to safely contact and communicate with your spirit guides for as long as you can without interruption. Its not as easy as it sounds but it's definitely worth working at for better and better results. Just know that what you are hearing inside your head is your own specific voice and that goes for any voice you ever hear inside your head. They're trying to contact you outside of your body and they have some connections to your mind and the more you trust and find personal connections with them that are truly meaningful the better results your session will yield. Its complicated to explain but any voice you ever hear that you think might be your spirit guide is just an accumulation of energy from within yourself mixed with the energies in the atmosphere. (meaning that you're not going to hear any new information and you could potentially derail yourself by convincing yourself that some lower level entity is your spirit guide when you're not actually hearing anything except Jezebel style voices (google it, its basically butt kissing energy draining spirit). For the most part your spirit guides don't ever talk to you for these reasons because anything they would ever say would be misunderstood or distorted. They just stay in the background and on the sidelines and produce good loving positive energy for you to do your best with here in the physical plain.

Light and Love thank you for responding ❤ ❤ ❤
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-10)
The futcher (I know I spelt that wrong) the tecnolagy will kill us all (obisity,cancer,etc.) And our psychic abilities will fade away because we will revive around cellphones,computers,etc. We will not use them

How do you get in touch with your spirit guide? I've been wanting to find out

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