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My Flicking Candle


I was told to light a candle by my good medium friend. I did what I was told to do to connect to someone I love who died. Its my first time trying so I made sure all fans and a/c were all off in my home. All silence expect dryer outside. I place the candle in the living room and I lit the and I paid very close attention to it.

As soon as I lit the candle, I sat down and watched it. The flame was standing up still; the candle glass was very clear too as I remember. I pull out my cell phone and went to a picture of the guy I was thinking of. I closed my eyes and visualized his face. All of a sudden, the candle flame starts to jump fast!

It stops and rotates around, it turned left and right and rotates then the flame went back at blinking fast! I was getting scared at first but I stayed calm. I started to ask yes and no questions to see if I get a respond: if its a yes, please make the candle flicker- It did. I said out loud as the flame was continue to flicker, I say to leave a feather on my kitchen table, you can visit me anytime and anyday. Visit me in my sleep... I sent out prayers too.

This been going on for a hour and I had to blow the candle out because my dad was home; after he left, I tried again. The flame was jumping higher this times. I was out of my chair and I dropped to my knees and I got very closely to the flame watching it and holding my breath, as I see the flame, it moved like its dancing and it turned my way and then back in front of my face (like 2 couples facing one another) I start TO SMILE and I SAID IN MY HEAD to refer to the guy " WHAT ARE YOU DOING? " then I contact a female medium about this and she told me the guy I contact, he was smiling and he put a funny sensation on my back.

I remember watching dishes, I lean into the living room to look at the candle and the candle was standing straight up still. I went into my room; I came out and look down the hall peeking, I see the candle and it was still up. As I move in closer, I'm not up on the candle. I was still in the hallway, getting closer, the candle flame went back at jumping. I pick the candle up and walk back into my room with it. The candle continues to jump and twirl even more. I thought to myself staring saying " He must be following me " but I don't understand the meaning of a " funny sensation on my back ". It was a great experience for me today.:) I truely wonder if it was him! <3 L&L

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