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The Candle's Dancing Flame


I know this isn't a Dream Interpretation site, but my story does involve dreams.

Okay, so for a while I've been able to sense what's going to happen a day before it happens. It's weird, because I usually see these, "visions" in my dreams, or something along the lines of them. Not only in dreams, I could be showering or just doing homework and something will just pop into my head, I usually think nothing of it, but then the next day I'll sit there and see the same image in my head, and I get kind of confused about it, like is it just coincidence? I don't believe in coincidence I think everything happens for a reason, and I am a believer of the spiritual connections to premonitions and supernatural things and such.

My "visions" I guess I should call them only ever started to happen after my grandmother passed away in 2008, and I'm wondering if it's somehow connected? Or maybe my abilities just kind of kicked in, but I'm able to sense if a loved one who is deceased is in the room with me, or if anyone is in the room with me who I can't necessarily see. Sometimes I feel my grandmother and my other loved ones next to me if I'm upset, I can't see them yet, but I just know they're there.

I don't want to tell anyone in fear of sounding crazy to them, I'm just wondering what is going on, maybe I'm just imagining all of this? But I highly doubt it, my 'religious faith' is wiccan, but I highly doubt that has anything to do with my 'abilities', I just know it's something more than dreams or 'my mind playing tricks on me'. I've heard that saying a lot before, I used to sit with my Aunt, who now lives in my Grandmother's house, and watch TV with her, when we lit a candle, the candle flame would dance along with our conversation, no windows open, no fan or heat, and it was the candle that was lit at her funeral.

When we watched the candle dance along, I could feel a wave of lethargy wash over me, but then I could sense my Gramma, my Uncle, and my Granpa with us. How is this not something?

Any comments?

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Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
I too believe that everything happens for a reason. Many people that have abilities have had their abilities passed down to them whether they are aware of it or not. Sometimes abilities skip a generation or two before they appear again.
In regards to the dancing candle, I can explain it. When the flame dances like that it is the fire spirit dancing with your communications. The fire spirit may be assisting you with connecting you with those who have passed on. Nature spirits are all around us. When one is in tune and respects nature he/she will be able to see them.
Hope this information helps you.

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