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Dutch Naval Officer Spirit And Burmese Villager Spirit


I was attending a psychic mediumship class. I have never, however, conducted a mediumship reading before - only the two mentioned below. A psychic disclosed that I was sensitive to people and spirits' emotions, feelings, and energies after giving me a psychic reading, and implying that I was an empath of sorts.

In my first psychic experience, I created a white light and sent it backwards from me to channel a spirit. This was a group workshop environment. However, I felt tremendous anxiety when the spirit connected to me that was not part of my own anxiety in the situation. I felt woozy, claustrophobic, and dizzy, and I was trembling. I connected with a naval officer, with a black buzz cut, medium height, and possessing pale skin. I would later find out from the girl sitting next to me that he was distantly related to her and was a Dutch naval officer.

I sensed a tremendous amount of anxiety from him. He appeared at a younger age in his late twenties to thirties. I felt he had drowned, as I sensed the color blue (water) and a feeling of dizziness, akin to oxygen deprivation, and a choking up of the throat. I pictured ripples beneath the surface of the sunlit water as viewed from underwater. The feeling was like being submerged. I also felt pain in my stomach. It turns out the girl's family have an extensive history of stomach problems.

I also detailed the experience in that I sensed that the spirit was frustrated with the girl adjacent to me. I sensed that he had a dualistic nature: he appeared to be a socialite, but also preferred solitary pursuits. I also pictured him in casual attire out of the naval uniform on the pier. Another image of his experiences was his perceptions of new horizons.

There was suddenly a rush of blue water, followed by sunlight. I believe the sunlight was indicative that he was peaceful moving towards the light after his passing. The message was particularly poignant and relevant to one girl in the room in relationship with him, to "keep moving and don't always avoid the hard route of the journey". The spirit also seemed to have cleared his qualms over the sea and his anxiety relating to his passing, and had some moving philosophical insights relating to his life. I also sensed a face of bravery in danger, except for the tremendous anxiety when drowning.

I have never been to Myanmar. My mother is Burmese, however, and this spirit came along when I volunteered to do a medium reading for her. Images of the spirit's life in Myanmar enveloped me, although I knew nothing and have researched nothing of Myanmar. I pictured a woman with a black bun or black low set ponytail who walked with duck feet, often fed her mother and siblings, cooked with a wooden ladle, and wore a brown shoulder bag/knapsack. There were also parchments for letters which were never written in this knapsack, and a sense of longing. She also walked with flimsy shoes which were made of rubber.

There were also dark monsoon rains with clouds that made the afternoon sky look like dusk. The woman was tight-lipped, quiet, and short and straight with her words. The knapsack had envelopes in them. I pictured water tanks and the woman carrying pails of water. I pictured her dusting some Burmese figurines. She was also grinding or pounding something in a mortar and pestle, and I also pictured a spinning wheel.

I saw a brilliant blue ring. Researching this later, it turned out to be a Burmese Sapphire ring. I pictured basket weaving, and straw baskets, yokes and plows, and wheels. I saw the woman performing dexterous tasks making patchwork or weaving some sort of tapestry or textile. The woman seemed to have died from a venomous snake bite on her leg.

With another spirit who was my mother's step-grandfather, there were plenty of steamboats, small fishing boats with fishmongers, and a hill with which he meditated while looking at. I could not tell if it was a mountain or hill because there were no reference points (huts or people, etc.). It turns out my mother's step-grandfather regularly participated in religious ceremonies, and he was a merchant and a cook on a steamboat. I also felt many of these spirits emotions, somewhat proximate to my own feelings at the time but nevertheless heightened to a greater degree.

When I conducted these mediumship readings, I had my eyes closed on all occasions. I was picturing things from my third eye or mind's eye. The only way I can verify these experiences are the relevance and appropriateness of the symbols to the deceased ones' activities and life events in cultural, historical and interpersonal contexts.

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