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Curse Or A Gift


My name is Momo from Philippines, and I came from a cursed family. Women in my family (mother's side) should not cut their hair or their lover will surely die, however only a relative can cut it so we cut each other's hair. I know this might be weird but its true.

My father's family and mother's family have "special abilities" too! My mother sees spirits, my father and brother fights bad spirits, and me? Well I really don't know if what I have is a curse or a gift.

It is normal for me to hear spirits, I can feel them and sometimes see them and be their medium. But the most mysterious thing about me is I know if an accident or an unfortunate event will happen! It just flash before my eyes! I know if a person is lying, and everything I said will happen! Sometimes I don't want to speak at all specially when I'm mad or sad because if I told someone to cut himself or herself, he or she will do it without hesitating. Or if I'm mad at someone, if I told them "You hurt me! Therefore, you will loose your job and you will never find a new job easily!" It will happen a day after.

I'm the only one who have this kind of ability in my family, and they said it is getting stronger so I must control it. But how? I don't even know what is it! Until a friend of mine who see things too told me that I have a huge spirit guide but I can't see it. She said it is just protecting me but it is not the cause of what I have. I asked her why I can't see my spirit guide, she just said she don't know.

I hope someone can help me discover more about this curse or gift that I have and what do the psychics call it?

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RebelTweenOsiria (1 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
Mystic rose, there are people like that?!
I never knew...
[at] momo your not alone, i'v seen pretty crazy stuff, I believe that I am slender mans daughter... I know it sounds crazy, when I'm mad I want to KILL people, I want to beat them until they bleed to death, I want to punch them, I just want to KILL them!
Oops! Sorry for the bad stuff above (that's actually how I feel when I'm mad)
Once I almost strangled my brother, and my cousin got it on film!
So yeah, I think I'm either a demon/vampire child, or slender mans daughter.
It's actually kind of scarey
Once my anger got out of control I gave someone a broken arm!
Another time my anger got out of control I almost broke a tabl3.
Kindly as possible, slendermans child
Mysticrose (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-07)
I have been a medium for 2 years. Everything was really out of control for a long time. It has only calmed down the past 3 months. I don't know what all your abilities are, but start to look up psychic protection on the Internet. Learn how to raise your vibration, be happier, so that you attract higher energies.
You can tell if you have spirits near you that have gone to the "light". They are uplifting, loving, supportive, and sometimes, funny. They can also be helpful. Dark spirits, who are earthbound, feel depressing, scary, sad, and boring. They usually have nothing to say. They feel bothersome and sometimes touch my arms, legs, face. They're annoying.
They would be in my bedroom, I would do some psychic things to clear them out, but they would always come back.
I have a coach who mentors me and a para psychologist. See if you can find someone to work with you. You need help to manage the spirits. They will come visit you at all hours until you learn to " shut it off".
You can ask a spirit if they are from the Light. If they don't answer you, they are not. The good ones will tell you their name and if they have a message for you. You can ask them to tell you about themselves. If they give you information that makes you uncomfortable, you can tell them it's too much. I've only had the dark spirits tell me information that was too scary or gory. The good ones have told me why they are in my house or are pretty clear what they want from me or want to tell me. You don't have to do something just because a spirit wants you to. My deceased grandfather came to me at 3 a.m. To give a message for my father. I couldn't because my family does not believe in the supernatural and would have had me institutionalized. On the other hand, a friends uncle and brother came to me and I was able to relay the message because my friend believes that spirits exist.
These abilities can really make life easier once you understand what information is accurate, how to communicate with spirits in a constructive way (for you). I get a " feeling" often about which choices to make and it is usually right. Even though it can be scary, a lot of it is very helpful.
Send me a message if you want.
Mystic rose

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