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Demon Nymph, Feeling Changes Around Me And Seeing Things


On march 11 I was going to work as always then, as I was finishing work I was so exhausted so my dad dropped me off home. So as usual I just lay in the couch and watch T.V. Then my father said who wants to come pick up my check with me so I said sure and so did my sister. The only reason I went was to check my account since my mom would say no. So as I stepped out of my house I felt so weird that something was happening around me as I looked up in the sky I felt like everything was odd as I stepped out of my house, this all happened at night on march 11. Does anyone know what it can be, I been feeling weird and trying to understand what I am cable of.

Then a few days later I was dreaming as usual and normal but one dream was weird I was in my room going to the kitchen and the house was dark the lights were off as I turned around I heard my name it was someone popping his head out of the room using his long black hands telling me to come over and his hands were having a black mist, as his fingers told me to come. But then I thought it was my spirit so I ran to the room and called his name but as I ran to the room it was really dark as usually. I wasn't afraid though I was searching in the room for him but it was completely darker then the house. But it was a male nymph demon who likes to bring people to the dark I don't know much about them or why he wanted me to come since I am not afraid of the dark. I was sad not seeing my spirit. At times I don't know what to do and want to know more. It seems that things are going to happen I just don't know what's going to happen.

Plus on march 18 I usually look at the sky when someone drives me home. But as I looked at the sky where the sun was behind the clouds I saw a heart shape with lights around it since the sun was behind the clouds. But as the sun lowered down, my eyes were adjusting to the sun it was bright but my eyes saw it, yellow as usual but red was all around the sun and then the red all around but the bottom was like a sword pointing down my eyes were starting to cry and I looked away I lasted 1 whole minute looking at the sun my eyes were back to normal but I saw things like people like figure talking to each other in on of the clouds and as I closed my eyes I would see things like green orbs and some were shapes and I think letters. Does anyone know what could it mean. Plus I know looking at the sun is bad and you can be blind I never look at the sun this was a first and it felt like it meant something as I look at the sun. Can someone explain to me what this all means I know this is all important but don't know why

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