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My main goal here is to find out what I am considered (clairvoyant, empathic, clairsentient,etc) and to find out how to do it at will. What good is a gift if you can't use it, or tap into it when you need to, am I right? Ever since I was little I have had strange experiences, I used to think it was normal, but I soon realized it wasn't. I have taken many of those tests that are supposed to tell you what type of gift you have,i'm sure most of you are familiar with them. Most of these tests claim that if you score a certain percentage of the questions correctly, then you are probably gifted in that area, my problem is that I score very high in many of the different categories.

Without going into too much detail (I could write a book,seriously) I will list some of the things that have happened to me and hopefully I will not ramble, as I tend to do and am doing right now,haha.When I was maybe five or six I remember seeing and talking to a very small couple, maybe three and a half feet tall, I though they were a king and a queen because they were dressed in a strange way that seemed very foreign to me and I believe I just interpreted it to be regal in some way. My brother was in the bedroom next to mine and he wouldn't come in to meet them when I called to him. He told me years later that he was to freaked out to come in, because he heard not only me but also the people I was talking to and it was a very scary thought for him. I saw a shadow person, which was the only truly scary experience I've had. He had a very evil presence to him and was walking around our house and would zip abnormally fast around the corners or down a hallway whenever I would dare to peek out of my bedroom. I believe I've seen someone from another dimension or maybe he was my guardian angel, he was solid and very beautiful and was watching me as I slept, when I saw him he smiled at me.

Many times I know what is going to happen. Sometimes it's like a quick movie, or picture, or what I call a flash. One time I was riding in a car with my mother, who was driving, we were driving down the street we lived on and it was very dark. Then I get one of these "flashes" and I see see a section of the road we haven't reached yet, and I see a cat scamper across this section of road, so I turn to my mother to tell her to slow down so she doesn't hit this cat, but just then my mother slows down. When we reach the section of the road, which I had this flash about, the cat runs right across the road, just like I pictured it! Here is the weird part, my mother turns to me and at the same time we both say " I KNEW that was going to happen!" We both had seen the same vision, my mom and I are both like that. Often times I know what someone is thinking or know what words they are about to say. Just when I think it may be my imagination, the person will say exactly what I knew they were going to say, word for word. Sometimes it seems so real I actually hear and respond to what they are thinking and they want to know how I knew what they were about to say

and I have to tell them that I actually heard them thinking it, or I have to decide whether or not to make up an excuse, if I think they are someone who can't deal with it. A few times I have heard people talking to each other in a foreign language that I am not familiar with, and then all of a sudden I can understand a few sentences of it, even though I hear it in their language, I somehow understand it for awhile and then it just turns off.

I also know things I have no way of knowing about people or situations then I find out later that I was right. I have at different times known that a complete stranger, I just met, was physically abusive to his wife, that someone was having marital trouble, that someone was worried about their child's illness, these things all turned out to be true and I had no way of knowing. At least three times in my late teens and early twenties, I knew something bad was about to happen at a party I was attending. I would convince the friends I was with, that we NEEDED to leave, then found out later that police came in and busted the party and everyone got in trouble for underage drinking and drug use, or that a big fight broke out, or people were stolen from, or almost overdosed,etc.My friends soon learned to trust my instinct without question and I soon learned to stay away from the partying lifestyle. Almost daily, I can feel what others are feeling. I work with the public and many times I can tell why people aren't understanding something,it's like I understand what it is they aren't getting. I get really intense feelings about some people, like I really like them instantly and feel a strong connection, or sometimes I get a very bad feeling about someone even if everyone seems to like them and later it turns out I was right. Funny thing is, when a person is very close to me (family or romantically) I think it clouds my judgement and I don't get a good "read" from them,I'm easily fooled or stepped on by those I love. I get very intense feelings from some objects, I don't see murders or anything, but if I am at a flea market or garage sale I don't buy something until I pick it up and hold it. Sometimes I get a very strong good or bad feeling from it and it will determine whether or not I purchase it. I also smell things that no one else seems to smell, or I'll smell something that triggers such a strong and specific memory I didn't even know I remembered, It will appear before me like those "flashes" I mentioned earlier.

Twice I have had dreams about a famous person dying and then it happened. The First time was when I read in the paper that Vincent price had died and saw it on the news, when I called my brother to tell him, he said "kiddo,I don't think he died, I would've heard about it".Well three days later, I read in the newspaper that Vincent Price had died the night before. The flash I had was so real, I thought it had happened. The second time I had a dream that Shirley Temple had died. When I woke up and went to check facebook there were tons of posts and clips about Shirley Temple and how she had died overnight.

Now that I am older and I realize that things aren't evil (I thought christianity deemed them powers from the dark side) turns out they are gifts, and as everything, shouldn't be used in a bad way and are perfectly normal to have. Since my recent interest in quantum physics, quantum theory, parallel universes, different dimensions, etc lead me to believe there are actual scientific/and God approved explanations for all of this. I just want to know exactly what I am considered (this time I think it is GOOD to have a label) and more importantly, what can I do to hone these gifts? They are not much good when they happen randomly, I would like to be able to tap into them when it is needed. Is there a mentor network that anyone knows about? All I seem to find are call lines or websites where I can spend 4.99 a minute to get my future told. I want someone who lives with this to give me some feedback. Anyone out there have any ideas,comments,or ideas on how to deal with these things? Especially if you YOURSELF have.thanks,peace!

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amy1965 (1 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-12)
i did go to that support group-loved it! If you could find one that would be great-they talked about how to not take on other people's emotion/feelings when you didn't want to, how to tell the differences between your feelings and those you are picking up from others and also how to try to tune into others when you want to read a person or situation. Most of it was sharing and that too, was ok... Keep me posted on how you are doing.
amy1965 (1 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-31)
i have found a psychic type center in my area and have signed up for a class for empaths/sensitives-like a support group-they have other types of classes that look interesting. I hope that maybe they can guide me -or at least give me some sort of idea of what gifts I have. I agree with you, we both seem to be empaths-but I feel we might even have a touch of a couple more giftings-maybe psychometry,clairvoyance,i don't know... I will post again with my experience at this empath support meeting-God Bless!
Emiliee (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-26)
I'm afraid I can't help you very much with the name, because I don't know nearly enough about things like this. But it sounds like whatever it is certainly is a gift - perhaps like you said, you did see something from another dimension.
What struck me, though, was how similar the fifth paragraph was to things I feel - honestly, you put into words what I couldn't! Sometimes I know things about people's lives and emotions before knowing anything about them, although like you said, the closer I am to the person, the harder it is to read them sometimes. And when I meet certain people, it's like all of the sudden I have such a strong impression that I've never been able to explain, but is usually correct. I've always attributed it to being an empath if that helps with the name, although I'm not absolutely certain.
I'm not really sure if I have any advice on how to deal with it, to be honest - the most I've done is try to be gentler when I know people are going through a rough time emotionally. I have no idea why this happens, but at least we can try to make things easier for people. Good luck!

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