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Vision And Sensing What Will Happen


I'd like to share few of my experience having some visions and sometimes sensing what will happen.

I've started having some visions around 4 or 5 years ago. I'm working as a care giver so I spend a lot of time around oldies. It happened when I was at work around 11.30am. I don't know why but there was this old square shape wall clock that i'm drawn to. I just stared at it. Watching the hands move and listening to the sound of its ticking. And for some reasons I felt a mixed emotions. Then I found myself in a dancing ball and started seeing people whom I don't know. I don't know what it's called but the women were dressed with old style gown and the men were dressed like charlie chaplin did. They were at a ball dancing and laughing but I can't hear them. It's like i'm watching a black and white tv with no sounds. I just watched them like that for a minute then i'm back to reality. I felt like all my energy was drained after that.

Then there's this time that I will feel agitated and breathless. Then my heartbeat will start to beat fast than normal. Then after a couple of hours, bad things starts to happen. And this morning October 10, 2015 around 5:50 am. I was in a deep sleep then I suddenly woke up without any reasons at all (I woke up normally at 8am) My heart starts beating fast and i'm sweating even though it was so cold this morning since it began raining last night. Then all of a sudden I heard a speeding sound of a car and a loud crashing sound. It was so loud that it felt like a bomb was dropped right in front of me. I stood up immediately and run outside to see what happened. It turns out that a car crashed at the side of the building where I live. The good news is, the girl driving the car was not dead but suffered from few injuries since the impact was so hard.

It's not like I can control by will if I wanted to have a vision or not. It just suddenly come. And i'm going to admit that I don't want that because it freaks me out.

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