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Security And Peace


Allow me to take a moment to describe myself before I get started, I am a psychic, clairsentient, healer, tarot reader and work with healing crystals, dowsing crystals and casting stones, also on occasion I practice a little white magic but do not title myself as wiccan even though I know I hold the magic as I passed it to my younger sister who is a wiccan. In light of what you now know I will begin my story with a dear friend who I helped turn her life from thoughts of suicide and a beaten down older woman, to a confident vocal grandmother who is now afraid of nothing and is not afraid to tell people what she thinks. I met this woman at my job, I work in an emergency room in a small hospital I cannot disclose the name of unfortunately for legal purposes. This woman and myself are ward clerks, she now works in the intensive care unit as a ward clerk of this hospital and I still work in the ER. When I met this woman we hit it off instantly and became friends, at that time I could sense there was something about her but the subject of psychic and tarot cards seems more taboo than it should be so I did not say anything to her. It had been about a year when she moved to working in another department and I met someone who really helped me discover my gifts and I instantly got into the tarot cards and it was like being welcomed home by loving family, I instantly fell into it like a pro. It was a few months latter when people really started getting wind that I read tarot cards and that I was good at it and made people feel comfortable when I read as I do not repeat people's readings to others it's all private and confidential, which leads to me helping this woman. I was visiting my friend in her department when I had a free moment and she quietly whispered to me "so I heard you read tarot cards and are a psychic," well my natural reaction was to freeze and cautiously say yes with a guarded smile when my friend proceeded to ask me to read for her. I took my friend into the break room after I confirmed with my charge nurse I could take a break and with her permission I took my friend into our break room and shut the door. I proceeded to tell my friend how the cards worked and how she needed to shuffle the deck and think of what she wanted to know and the best way to pick her cards and to take her time and carefully choose. I usually do a six card pyramid for a quick read but it tells me the most about people, I always listen to what the cards want me to do and how they want to be laid out, so I put my friends cards in a pyramid, three on the bottom, two in the middle and one on top. I turned over all of the cards and began to read and got worried by what she picked which were basically all swords. I proceeded to tell her what her cards meant and what she was giving me psychically and when I was halfway done telling her that her soul was in a very bad place and that her kids had abandoned her over the death of her deceased husband she instantly started hysterically crying telling me all that I had said was true and how I knew it was her kids as she had never told me about them. I told her that her kids energy fed off her destroyed energy like vultures reveling in her misery and knowing they controlled her. After consoling her and letting her collect herself for a moment and ask a few more questions I finished her reading and she started to cry again and told me she had thought about killing herself and how she had slit her wrists and told no one but myself in that moment and how her deceased husband haunted her thoughts to this day and made her mad. What I told her after is an extremely confidential subject, but to sum it up I told her killing herself would do nothing but let her kids know they won her soul and to let her deceased husband die because he did not treat her well while alive and turned her children against her. In the months to follow she kept coming to me and telling me how much happier she was and that she even stood up to her children to the point her one son started having a relationship with her again and my friend has officially gone from having depressed thoughts and having a hole filled aura to having a beautiful bright full aura and a happy no none-sense attitude and standing up for herself and recently visited her grandchildren. I have permission to tell this story, not in full detail of course to protect her privacy, but the general story.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-07)
I am sure you are more than a ward clerk in the ER.

It is great to know people who are spiritual have a heart to serve.

Hospitals are very hectic and have very heavy energies. It's a place that weaves between light and dark.

Please keep posting
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-07)
What a great help you have been for your friend!

Your tarot reading is a great gift of which I'm envious!

Love love. ❤
MFoutch2 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-05)
Thank you I enjoy reading and I always try to listen to people's problems and not only be a psychic, but a counselor and friend. I have met some very unkind tarot readers and psychics who it's their way or the highway and I try to be the opposite of that and be open to learning and teaching 😁
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-04)
That was a very lovely story.
You should continue your readings as proof has confirmed wisdom and truth came forth.
Brought confirmation and insight.

Thanks for sharing

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