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I Am At Peace With Whatever Abilities I Have


This may seem strange to many of you, but I am a born again Christian. I am not religious. But I believe in God. It is what has helped me reign in my abilities and what gives me peace. My whole life has been filled with "other worldly experiences." I have had experiences as far back as I remember. Seeing apparitions, "smelling" apparitions or the "intentions" of unseen things, even hearing things - like from a radio with a bad reception (if I focus and tune in, voices get louder in my head). I have premonitions, see through other people's eyes, travel in dreams, feel energies off of rocks or other natural things. I have been lucky to have others around me in my life to assure me that this is not unique, nor is it something to be afraid of. I am Hawaiian and have found kahuna and kupuna to nurture me (although most have already passed away).

During my teens and twenties I was too curious with my gifts. One experience left me broken and pained - but also humbled me to who I am now, a Christian Hawaiian Woman. Now in my mid-thirties, I incorporate my extra-senses into my daily world. It is a part of me. I no longer read people, like I used to when I was younger. I no longer go looking for things with energies. I definitely do not tune in to voices when I can hear them in the dead of night (when all else is silent). They only lead to trouble. I've been through enough trouble with the supernatural to go looking for any more! I understand now that even if I have sight, only God can know the true meaning of things. I just appreciate what comes that is positive and stay far away from those things that exude negativity (fear, anxiety, meddling with others).

I will summarize my story here. If I have the opportunity to expand upon it, if there is interest - I will go into detail. But when I was 8 years old I had a dream. It was the most powerful dream I have ever had. And yet, so simple. At first I was in a normal dream - and then it shifted. I was completely conscious, walking along a gravel path. Cold and wet. Hedges, coming up to my waist lined the pathway. Suddenly from behind I head scrapping on the ground. A voice asked, "Are you lost?" I turned to see an old woman, her head bent away from me, long hair flowing in the wind. She was sweeping the walkway to her house. I was startled. "Yes," I said, "I-I think I am." She gave a small laugh. Not a scary one - but it sent shivers through my already wet body. "Many of you come this way." She said. She turned to look at me. But at the moment her face was revealed, a whole bunch of images flashed before me in rapid succession. I got up in a panic. I was shaking with cold, but it was not a cold night. Those images I saw have come back to me throughout my life at the moments right before they come to pass. As they come back to me (or when I feel them coming) I take out a piece of paper and draw. Sometimes words come too. I write them down as well. And guess what? They happen - whether I like it or not. Most disturbingly, my ex-husband's secret life and the end of our marriage (which I tried to save with every ounce of my sanity) was revealed to me. I say reveal, because it comes in a mix of pictures, feelings, colors, smells, and even sounds. Like pieces of a puzzle when you first open the box. But the finished puzzle showed itself in the end. Showed me with a child at the end of a relationship. Even showed the shadow that invaded my ex-husband. The black eyes that looked out at me, and the black smoke that billowed from his lips. No one could see it but me. Not even my ex. Believe me - I did not want to accept what I was witnessing. My ex is not Christian, neither does he believe in the supernatural. I never told him about seeing the shadow attach itself. We're divorced and separated now. It's been almost 2 years. But about a month ago, out of the blue he texted me "I see a shadow man following me everywhere." I ignored his text. Not for me to explain anymore.

I have had so many strange experiences, they are intertwined with my every day. And so, these experiences - like the humdrum of normality - make up my life and who I am. It doesn't matter to me whether anyone believes I "see" or not. I live a totally normal life and am a happy, productive person with a good education and job and friends and all... To conclude, I just want to say to all those who experience the supernatural: Don't be afraid or ashamed or think you are "abnormal." Everyone has their their special skills. Accept and love it. Learn to control those things that give you anxiety and pain, and open your heart to things that bring happiness and help to your life and those you love. God is with you. Believe it or not. But its so much better to believe. It makes those journeys to the Parallel less frightening and much more applicable to your Purpose.:)

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