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Memories That Are Not My Own


It all started with just seeing ghosts and other creatures. None of which I ever had a truly good experience with. It started to hit its peak when I was 9. Like every time I stayed at my ants house I would wake up to a man's bloody head right in front of my face. It scared the holy hell out of me.

When I told my ant about it she told me about a man who blew his brains out not ever 5 ft from were I was sleeping. When they had moved in there was still blood stained on the door which kept coming through the paint. Well at the same time I was getting in a lot of trouble because I feared nothing, I mean I seen stuff most people didn't even know existed. So my attitude landed me in the shrinks office.

At that time my mom knew nothing I intended to keep it that way so the shrink never knew either. So they gave me some crap diagnoses and doped me up. I ended up on zoloft which I stayed up for a week straight. They gave me elevill to help me sleep. During this time I didn't have any experiences I think it was the medication. Either way it got to the point when I was twelve that I refused to take the medication. This time my mom took my side and the medicine was gone.

Well that's when it all started up again there would be something knocking on my closet door at night. I woke up to a creature the width of my bed and head almost touching the ceiling it said my name and I hid under my covers praying for it to go away nothing about this guy was nice. I just had multitudes of experiences up to when I was about 15.

I was at my friends house and these ghosts were really violent. This was the first time I ever followed my feelings. This thought kept going through my head that I could fight back. After that I always felt their presence but they no longer showed themselves or messed with me. This was when I really started listening to my feelings, I mean I could always guess the right answer on a information I shouldn't have known and other things like that.

Well it just king of took a standstill for awhile. A month before my 17 birthday, I got into it with some people and my left side of my neck got slit a eighth of an inch from my jugular. Before it happened every time I would ride by the spot I could see myself getting jumped, I even told my friend I was going to show up at her house split open and her house was where my mom picked me up to rush me to the hospital.

Took a week before I put the pieces together that I prophesied me getting jumped and cut. After that I went to live with my ant so I could work for my uncle. I started to pay more attention to what I felt was going to happen and most of the time I'm right unless I'm trying to show off. Then the lights started, I thought my eyes were messing up but my vision's perfect. The multicolored lights are on literally everything and it's not orbs I can tell the difference.

The next development I can remember places and times I HAVE NEVER BEEN in this body, at least that's what I feel, it scares the shiat out of me sometimes. Because of the extent the memories go. There's a lot of others things, just too much to explain but can someone give me an idea why this is happening to me

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DGPhoenix (1 stories) (13 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-12)
A comment to both Hutch and Time traveler, I have access to memories I shouldn't as well. Ever since I was young, I've had surges of memoeries from a certain life, usually beginning at the violent end. I think I remember the more violent ones more because of the strong emotions carried with those memories. Some people believe only humans have souls, but I have memories from a tiger and a praying mantis that say otherwise. I always knew I was different, but I never thought I'd be this different. It's nice to know there are others that have the same gifts and it's always great to share info with people that won't think you're crazy. Lately, I have been able to "walk" into other people's memories though, which is new to me. I have strict morals though, so if they have even the slightest protection on their thoughts, I leave them alone unless it's an emergency. But back to Hutch here, you're not alone and if you do see the future, remember that the future is ONLY what you make it.
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-08)
There can be different memories that are not your own, some in which you are in a persons body that is alive right now and are just 'seeing through them' sort of like remote view.

Though there are other 'types' of memories based on the different 'file' they are in. You have 'past live' memories in which they orginate from previous places you've already been.

Or family memories, in which you remember your ancestors lives, note you were not them, but a part of them still lives through you hence feeling pieces of them through you through out your live. Both physically and mentally... Basically including odd bits of genetics and odd bits of stories. For instance my great grandmother used to eat raw meat, I am the only one in my family that likes to eat raw meat... And I wasn't raised that way either... I just liked it. Recently my grandmother gave me a pair of her jade earrings and before she told me I said they were hers... She said how did you know... I said because it's totally my style... But her style in reality. So, much so that a summer before I had hand selected a jade piece, while I was in NZ. The earrings matched the necklace I had bought in the same type of twisted shape as well showing it's importance.

I remember my family's past memories and values through myself... Sometimes I believe myself not to be 'one' person but many combined pieces of memories merely importing new ones into a larger database... From friends, family, and society in's quite amazing to see how much you shape from other people and things around you. It's not really as if you are 'a person' but many different things, if that makes sense.
Roxanne (1 stories) (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-06)
Hi Hutch 987

I was drawn to your story about memories that are not our own. This is because I have been experiencing this for many years now. I can't remember when it started and I'm not even sure how to explain it. It usually occurs randomly, either from a smell or from a place where I get flashing images in my mind, or a strong sense of memembrance regarding people, or events that have nothing to do with my reality. The feeling is extrememly powerful and sometimes it's difficult to seperate this from my own experiences. It has nothing to do with anything psychic, I'm sure, as I don't recieve premonitions or any information about anyone I know.

If you have any information to share with me, regarding this sort of experience, I would appreciate it:)

TimeTraveler (3 stories) (30 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-05)
Sounds like you need some reassurance that things are not totally out of control. I've been doing similar things for over 30 years with no detrimental effects. Drugs do cloud things, it's good that you recognize that.
As for me, I have experienced what I believe are the last moments of many of my past lives. Being the last moments, they are always very vivid and sometimes violent. For example, I was in a gladiator-type fight in a coliseum when my opponent took his final swing. I fell backwards and landed on my back. As the life left my body, I remember looking around at the thousands of screaming people in the stands and thinking 'what a good day to die'. Even though it was probably many hundreds of years ago, it seemed like it had just happened. I truly believe our memories last forever.
Another time, I was asked by the local police to locate some stolen property. I said I'd go home and sleep on it. That night I had a dream that I (as the thief) was driving a red car with a manual transmission. I (as the thief) drove into the driveway of a farm I (me) didn't recognize, I (thief) got out and walked up to where the stolen property was hidden.
The next day after the dream I drew a picture of the farm for the police. Their reply after seeing the picture was "We were just there at that place investigating the theft..."
The police found the property and the thief spent 18 months in jail. I just tapped into his thoughts, even though they were days or weeks old. I'm not sure how it works but it does. I think it also has to do with how hard I focus on it.
And yes, lottery numbers work to, but that involves time travel to the future and back.
Dec. 7,1991 I did a little travel and saw the numbers for pic 6. I got the numbers in my dream then woke up and wrote them down. When I went back to sleep I asked "what happened next?" I saw my family moving to another town and then my wife had an accident and died. I didn't want that so as an experiment, I bought a ticket with all the same numbers except for the last one. Because I saw the drawing on the television, I saw the order that the numbers were picked, not just the numbers - that's easy.
Because I went to college for Applied Physics and Engineering I'm all about statistics and probability. I believe statistics don't lie. The odds of seeing the numbers in that order and then having them come up in that order are virtually zero unless something else is going on. So in conclusion, I not only saw the future but chose to change it. If I can do it, you can do it. My wife and children are all alive, healthy and happy.
I got lots more stories maybe I'll publish a few.
Good Luck

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