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The Diary Of A 14 Year Old Psychic


Hi, my name is Ellie, I am a 14 year old psychic and this is my story. I remember when I was younger, my grandmother had dreams that would come true eventually. She would know something 6 or 7 years before it happened, and we knew what was going on. My grandmother was a dream psychic. Now, I use the term dream psychic very loosely since I haven't researched it well enough, but I knew she had images of events placed in her mind during her dreams. Apparently, her ability skipped a generation because I got it.

When I turned 13, I started getting very strange deja vu feelings, and they were powerful. I would start having headaches and have to lie down. My friend told me she thinks I might have an untouched ability, so I started writing down everything that popped into my head when I was sleeping.

After 6 months, I had a dream where a car drew off a cliff. I knew it would never happen, so I ignored it, but in late december a friend of mine committed suicide, by driving off a cliff. Then things started to get very strange, I started getting more and more feelings and intuitions, while the dreams kept coming. I remember my grandma started to notice it when I got up to go get the phone when it hadn't even rung yet, or I knew who would be calling without looking at the caller ID. Or the time where I could just know what time it was, with no clock, no certain way of telling. I didn't even know how I knew, things just popped into my head.

It started becoming more serious when I realized that I understood the exact feeling and thoughts of people around me, and if there were too many angered thoughts, I would start screaming in havacs because I got terrible headaches. My first experience of hearing people's thoughts was in history. I would start getting random thoughts in my head, "Is this the right answer? Maybe I could cheat off her? I hate this test! This was so easy!" It scared me because they weren't my words or thoughts. And then I started shaking horribly from everyone thinking. I learned how to control it later by blocking out certain people, or focusing on my thoughts through meditation, but that didn't lead me to live a normal life. My friends knew about it. They didn't think it was freaky at all, even one of them admitted to having certain areas of her life be a little supernatural in a sense, but everyone else thought I was psychotic.

I would go around the hallway, and once I heard a kid yell that he couldn't remember his locker combination. I yelled it out to him, not even knowing how it got into my head, and he said, how did you know that I was thinking that? It would get weirder every passing day.

The worst part is having the supernatural experience. I've only had two in the past, and the first one freaks me out the most. My friend who passed happened to be very close to me, and one night I was just crying. I couldn't even tell anyone how I felt because it was all these mixed emotions. Then when I was in my bed, I felt air past my shoulder. The window wasn't opened, nor was the air conditioning on. Then I felt whispers and shivers ran through my spine. I started experiencing headaches like never before, and crying hard, and then I realized I must be communicating with someone. I stopped and tried to push past the headaches. And I instantly just knew who it was. It was like I could have a conversation in my mind with my friend. I knew it had to be him, and I just were getting these words and voices popping in my head. I don't think anyone can understand how it feels like to be talking to a ghost of a friend. You can't see them, only feel them, and you can't talk to them physically, but with your mind, you can and you just know.

That's all I really can say since then, I just instantly had a blackout. The next day, I was in the hospital while my aunt was explaining to me I had a stress attack and fainted.

My second experience was in a cabin up in yosemite with my friends, we were sleeping and suddenly I heard voices and breathing. I couldn't understand the voices, all I understood was the the screams, and I instantly had a shiver up my spine. I walked outside, and to my other friends cabin and started talking to him about it.

I did not understand the people, but I instantly knew it was a memory. I remember hearing the scream, a dozen images flashed passed by my head, and I quickly wrote down each one.

Suddenly, I was writing words and dates, and names, and then I realized, I was writing what happened in Yosemite along time ago to Native American Indians. A long time ago in Yosemite, an ancient tribe called the Ah-wah-nee'-chee tribe grew berries and made their food at pounding stones in a place where the two glaciers formed. White settlers didn't want them there so they stormed in that area, looking for Ah-wah-nee'-chees. But they all tried to hide in caves. All of them were found and slaughtered, some at El Capitan. But that scream, sent chills down my spine, because I knew, I just had a feeling it was of a women bearing a baby.

After my friend calmed down, I slept in his bed, with him watching me. It helped, but that memory will never be calmed down.

I wish I knew what to expect being a psychic. I live with it now by doing research on the internet, but otherwise I have no one to relate to. It's a scary feeling of having a sixth sense to you that's opened. No one seems to understand or realize that every night I'm scared to go to sleep, because I don't want to speak to ghosts or listen to memories.

I try to deal with it.

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psychicgirl97 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2011-10-20)
Omg I feel the exact same way! Last year, I would get so serious deja vu attacks, that I would go home sick with stomach problems. I still have the stomach problems, and I still go home every once in a while with a fever and severe nausea. I have done research that nausea could happen if your psychic or a medium. I also hear voices at school, and I can't focus, then I go to the nurse and end up going home. I really want to know how to control this, because I'm sick of having the constant nausea 😠 I'm going to start trying meditation, and writing down what I dream.
If you believe that I could be psychic, please let me know. 😉
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-30)
Well, the whole locker thing, I kind of understand your dilema on not understanding because when I touch you, I know certain things about you, but when I try to read your hand, it just comes out of my mouth and I don't even know I knew it. I also get general vibes and I know if I like you or not. Like the first day I went to my new school I looked around and more or less made a mental list like; 'I like that girl, Don't really like him, I think we'll be good friends, becareful she's got a temper.' It's sort of strange, but I except it. I have some other powers, and am satisfied with them. Also, I remember past lives, and sometimes have visions. Like just the other day I remembered a vision I had of me cramming five minutes before a test, so I knew I had to study. Try practising, and focusing your powers, I almost garuntee it'll get better if your consistant:)
lorynbaby (5 stories) (65 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-19)
well, let me say my friends and I are very "talented". I can remember things from my past lives, I'm slightley phychic, I'm a medium, and I'm a empath. I have two friends who posess all these things on different levels. I can tell when a phone is about to ring and what not. But I remember things from my past lives. Mostly from the trail of tears. I remember all the screams, the terror, and the death. There was so much death; you could feel it just... Lingering in the air. It never left. But I also can talk to my friends. They are spirits. I am lucky to have them because they watch over me and protect me. One of my friends (spirit) was yelling at my other friend (alive) through me because they had hit me. Om friend (spirit) was all "DONT YOU TOUCH HER!" and all this stuff in my head! So, I get thoes types of things. School is the worst. I'm going to high school and there are so many emotions!
But I have a friend who can 'read minds'. She can answer a question I didn't ask out loud and stuff like that so I have to watch my thaughts around her. =]. But it is possible for you to get on with everyday life. Just take it one step at a time. 😆
aribx3 (1 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2009-04-11)
Hey Ellie! Don't be scared hun its okay you have people on here who can help you learn to focus on your abilities. You happen to be an empath and a psychic like me! I just descovered my abilities a couple weeks ago. Someone told me to meditate and it helped me tremendously. Best of luck to you! ❤
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-02)
BTW, hope is natti's other best friend and psychic, jazmin, I forget to call her that, although her real name isn't hope. 😉
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-02)
supp, this is val. Yeah ellie, I would really like to know more about you 2. You are stronger than hope! Wow, that has got to be hell, because if hope says that her abilities are harsh, I don't even want to imagine yours. I am the empath BTW. I am also part psychic, but really weak, like dejavuh's often kind of weak. I am more expirienced in feeling for other people and am very, very sensible. I also know what you mean by the whole starting to scream in the middle of class thing. Although I did not scream in the middle of class, I had to clutch my science table and my mood became so terrible I could not even talk out of fear I wouldn't be able to hold on to what I was feeling. You see, once, at the beggining of my science class, I was feeling fine and rather happy, until someone who I wasn't really close to or anything appeared by the door, and it just happens that he sat right in front of me. Well, this guy, was apperently going through some really tough stuff lately and thinking of suicide [but I didn't know this then]. Well, out of nowhere, I start thinking thought who were not mine and cursing people who I did not even know. I was freaked out at how srong his feelings seem to affect me, but I wasn't complately scared, for I've been empathic ever since I can remember. Either way, for the next week or so, I would be perfectly fine until he showed up and then I would have to hold on to something and look down at the floor and be really quiet, and it really freaked out the people who saw me this way, because I'm usually always laughing and kidding around, but I couldn't help but feel suicidal and maniacal, so it made me angry me when they asked if I was OK. Her are some tips; you shouldn't be watching anything that might be too strong for you, because it CAN hurt you. I know, it's terrible, now I have to watch everything I do. I can't go to partys that much, I can't watch scary movies, [actually, I can't watch any kind of movies that might be too harsh, I limit myself to 3 a year] and empaths are also sensible to TV, radio and other noises. To tell you the truth, I have to get out of the house when my brother plays his drums sometimes because I just can't take it and I have to watch TV to a very low volume most of the time, which makes it really hard when I have friends over, because they can't hear it and I can, so I have to add volume, and it DOES hurt me, emotionally AND physically. Anyhow, good luck and if you have any other questions, I would be thrilled to answer them. See yah!
Artine (4 stories) (52 posts)
13 years ago (2008-06-23)
Also, in the case of being Psychic, it does not matter to God if you are religious or not, you can still pray to him (which indicates that you at least believe he is real) about these things, and other things.
Artine (4 stories) (52 posts)
13 years ago (2008-06-23)
I don't see why someone being both an Empath and a Precognitist (like me; I have precognitions, aka: being a "Dream Psychic" or seeing the future in your sleep) would be impossible. The Human Race is always evolving just like our spiritualities; evolution gave the ant wings, and evolution gave ellie both abilities, each on the other side of the spectrum.

That aside; I'm 14 as well. It is difficult to live with the abilities, isn't it?
I can relate to you in many ways, another one: I'm scared of going to sleep (in general: a tiny bit, but...) in the dark, period. I always have a lamp on (nightlights are far too small), and so my room is always dimly-to-decently lit. But for reasons other than the "boogieman", I also don't want spirits contacting me when I'm going to bed... In the dark..., let alone Demons. (Which I have had the luck not to see.)

I have been able to see/interact with spirits as well, but I asked God to remove that ability from me until I can handle it on daily, and most especially nightly, basis. In short: You can always ask God (Aethiest or not) to remove your ability of interacting with spirits and seeing your past-lives play out before you until you are able to handle it on a full-time basis, or removed for the rest of your life. Remember, though, you can always ask for it back (even if removed completely).

If you want to go more in depth about your experiences to someone your exact age, you can contact me here: artine_eggers [at]
LaurenTabor (1 posts)
13 years ago (2008-06-23)
Hi Ellie! I loved reading your story! My grandmother died when I was very young but my dad told me that she was psychic. She had dreams also. It was always a horse that represented someone she knew, a friend, neighbor, or family member. It was always someone she knew. Unfortunately, that person would die within a few days of the dream. She liked the idea of being gifted but hated that it was always about death. Are you religious at all? I've heard that you can pray when you are having problems blocking things out that you aren't ready to handle yet. I would try that. I hope you feel better and can get a handle on things in the very near future! Also, there is a community in Indiana, Camp Chesterfield, it is between Anderson and Muncie in Chesterfield Indiana. Go to this website, My friends grandmother belongs to this community. It is a Spiritualist community and I'm sure you can contact someone from there that can help you get some better control of your abilities.
pinkbabe63 (guest)
13 years ago (2008-06-23)
I just read your story and omg its chilling and amazing you are both a psychic and an empath (someone who can feel other peoples emotions) and you are a very strong psychic aswell what I would say is try not to be scared, you could try and help these spirits and you could try searching some meditation excercises to calm spirits around you and to understand them more. If you need any more help please post a comment under one of my stories:)
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
13 years ago (2008-06-23)
hey ellie I didn't know that a person can be both an empath and a psychic, well I have one bestfriends who is phychic and other who is an empath and they are like really strong at this point they can really help you cause they had that experience for the most part. The vendettababes are three people me,valeria, and jazmin, we would like to know more about this

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