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Telekinetic? Using A Pendulum


Im an empath, clairvoyant and telepathy happens sometimes between my family members and loved ones. Long story short, I recently got into using pendulums. I started using them because I was searching for some answers. I very recently, as in a few days ago, ordered an "official" really beautiful clear quartz pendulum with the chakras stones on the chain. I get correct answers when I ask basic questions like "am I alive?". But when I ask questions about what will happen, like what time my delivery will arrive, it's wrong. A few nights ago when I received my pendulum I cleansed it in a cup of Himalayan salt water for an hour, then slept with it under my pillow. I immediately started using it and when I asked another basic question I noticed I was in this trance-like state of mind, and that I was actually controlling the motions with my mind. I could make it swing so hard it would fall back down on my hand, and I could make it change directions or stop within a second while using my mind. I thought maybe I was crazy, so I showed my father. He got really freaked out, and said I didn't move a muscle. Then kept begging me to stop making it move. (I suppose I should have warned him first). He's okay with watching me do it now. But it's been a few days now and I'm getting stronger at it. My mind even gets tired after awhile and it gets a little weaker. I guess I'm wondering if this is telekinesis? And how can I control it, so I can get correct answers? Anything helps, and thank you so much.

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starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-05)
I can also contol the pendulum by looking at it. I can basically will it to go in any direction I want, but I don't think it is telekinesis. All pendulum work is done by contacting your subconscious, which sends electrical pulses down your fingers into the pendulum. If you are in contact with any spirits or guides, they may be answering your questions, but only through your subconscious, so either way it is happening from the same place. By willing it to go in a certain direction, you are consciously sending those electric pulses instead of subconsciously sending them. This of course going to mess up the accuracy. It's a fun trick, and in a way it trains your hand-eye coordination, but if you want to improve accuracy, I have found that if I hold the pendulum over my other hand, palm up, I need to focus my intenton on the question while staring at my palm and not the pendulum. That way I'm not accidentally influencing the answer. Hope this helps.

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