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A Sleepless Night


This is the first time I am posting here. I had paranormal experiences before, but none of them was anything like this. I know that I can see ghosts, but the issue I always had was that I can't see them anywhere I go. I personally know some people that can see ghosts anywhere they go, all the time. But in my case, I see them from time to time and I think that is a good thing. But I will consider myself lucky if I can't see them at all. That is because I don't like this ability and after last two months, I guess I have something else I can do too. To be honest now I am scared and excited at the same time. But doesn't have any idea what to do with this. This is not a ghost story, this is about my experience three different. I am hoping to add the complete story here, hopefully. Here's how it all started.

One of my friends owns a construction firm and he works in different places. At that time, he was working in another town. That day I was also in that town for my own business and by the evening I thought to visit him and spend the night at his place. The place he was staying was bit far away from the town and I still don't remember the name of that area. He was staying in a rented house with another guy, also my friend (all three of us are from the same hometown and the same school) that he works with. By the time I arrived there it is already dark and because I left the place as soon as possible I am unable to say much about the place. The house has two floors but both my friends are the only occupants in the house and strangely use only one room. When asked why, they said it's uncomfortable to be alone in the house. I also felt uncomfortable in there. It always felt like I am unwelcome and watched.

At 11. 30 PM we my friends suggested to sleep and I agreed. The room had only two single beds and there were three of us, so one of them offered his bed to me and sleep on the floor. I closed my eyes for sleep and I can still hear my friends talking but suddenly all the sound disappeared. Then I saw these visions or whatever that was. I know I am not dreaming because I just lay on the bed and closed my eyes, but I can see these little monsters, like it is some sick twisted and horrible version from Adventure Time. Some of them looked like cats, dogs even really big rabbits with this really big hungry eyes like they haven't fed for years and now looking at something very tasty is in front of them. Then it changed and I saw water like in the deep sea and somehow I am watching this from few feet above it. I can't say it sea for sure because I saw it in reddish brown color (just like I saw my house during my first cleansing) all the "visions" I saw have this sepia effect on them. Anyway it was like I was one or two feet above the water level and again the scene changed, this time it was a big old forest filled with big Teak trees. There were few men wearing few centuries old style clothing and in the processes of cutting the trees and clearing the area. Then two long wooden poles and water well. After that I saw a stream, it was almost dried up. Bamboo trees near the stream, broken fence and paddy field next to banks of the stream.

I opened my eyes because that was not normal. I know it was not a dream and I didn't want to seep there anymore. My friends were still talking and I decided to join in their talks. After an hour later Dhanushka, one of my friends said "You don't like it here, don't you? You don't want to sleep" I said yes and told them what I saw. After I finished both my friends sheared a look and one told the other "He can see the past". One, I prefer as Dhanushka, told me the land this house was build on used to be a lake then turned in to a big forest that mostly filled with Teak trees. To build the house, the original owner had to cut these trees in his land and there is water well behind the house and his team is digging ground for new water well. Also while digging the ground they found two long wooden poles. The other friend Lanana, told me, "well, I don't know about the fence but there is a paddy field and bamboo trees there".

I was stunned; I clearly remember asking for water and after drinking that I was thinking what is going on with me. I was tired and I wanted to sleep but at the same time I wanted to stay awake. When I close my eyes again for a moment I saw lots of clay pots, they are filled with water. My friends told me they also found lot of broken pieces of clay pots too. After that I didn't want to close my eyes. I was scared. I was thinking this place might be cursed or something, but staying awake is so hard too because how tired I was that day.

I saw many things at that night, among them was a stairwell that goes upwards and it was made in stone and big walls painted in white, a big BO-tree and an ornate fence made or paint in gold like in many Buddhist temples in my country. Also saw an Old woman wearing black with a walking stick in her hand. Stand in front of Teak tree near a well. Her eyes were slightly sunken due to old age but in her eyes I can see greed and anger thought I still don't know how I knew it and I was sure that woman is also the owner of the land. A house with a big black gate and I also saw Police coming to arrest a bunch of labors.

It was close to 6.00AM and I came outside to walk around and there, behind the house are two wells, one already used for long time and bit away from it was the one being digging. Bit further away the soil that move during the dig with many pieces of broken clay pots. Then I also noticed a yellow bamboo trees near a broken fence and behind it was the abandoned paddy field and dried up stream all in front of my eyes and just like I saw them in my visions. I saw sunned and speechless. I mean it is something very hard to believe. If I listen to the same story, I sure am not going to think it's true. Even as I type this story, I don't want to believe this is the truth. But this experience is 100% true and I can swear it to anybody anywhere. The experience was very shocking and very freighting. I saw so shocked that I didn't even see Dhanushka and the land lady came to talk to me. The land lady looked she is at her late 40s and the moment I saw her I was convinced that she is the old woman I saw but bit younger. Anyway, she also interested in what I saw in my visions as my friend hadn't waste time to tell her. I told her very few I saw. All I wanted was to leave the place and do it as soon as possible. I got ready to leave and told my friends to be weary of the land lady. They didn't believe she can be untrustworthy, in fact they believed her to be very kind and caring person. And I also told the bit about the police and also told them I can be wrong as this type of thing never happened to me before. And as I was leaving the place, I saw a house with big black gate like I saw in my visions. I had a feeling that people in the house and land lady must be connected somehow and Dhanushka confirmed my thoughts by telling me they are relatives. I don't know how I knew it but for me it was time to leave.

Few weeks later Dhanuska came to my place to visit me and while we are hanging out he suddenly told me I am right and explained that the stuff I told them was true. The old land lady tried to get them in the trouble. He had a quite a tale to tell; on the last day of the contract the police came to arrest them for trespassing and disturbing the peace in the area. As it turned out the land lady called the police with false complains to not to pay for the contract. The woman was warned by the police for false information and asked to pay for my friend or get arrested. Dhanushka looked at me and said to me that I saw the past and the future.

This is the first experience of the three I had in last two months. In my next story I will tell you about a night I had in my cousins' place and a day with Dhanuska near an abandoned temple. I wanted to add all to a one story but because I am busy, I can't find much time. And thinking about the abandoned temple truly scares me to this day. Thank you for reading my story and I hope to add next part soon.

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Tripox21 (31 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-15)
Hi there!
Seems like a bottom feeder/negative entity,
They need negative emotions and feeds of it, do a test on this
Go into a church and if you got any supressive emotions or violent thoughts that you never or usually don't have go into church and see if the emotions leaves!
Its strange somehow people who has these types of entities feels them stay outside a sacred place!

Anyhow I'm no expert on this type of issue, I have only encountered like small ones, like chattering in the ears and just making remarks on stuff that's wrong with one another and all these just bait type of remarks, strange emotions and on, it's often enough to tell them in a determined way to leave and they just woosh goes.

But if you'r able to and got a church nearby take a peek, red eyes its very commonly described in the demonic field and often takes shapes of a floaty head with red eyes or as you said a animal.

Any questions or input on this?

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