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Electronics And I Never Got Along


My name is jessi and I'm 17 years old. Ever since I was a kid, electronics and I never got along. I always get shocked from stuff, the worst is when I was about 7 and I wanted to unplug a fan and I got electrocuted from it. People plug in stuff for me now, and all of my electronics always break or start doing weird stuff.

My laptop always is being looked at by a tech person and it still does the same stuff. I hate being static shocked, it actually really hurts me. I can feel it in my veins and it goes through my whole body. Just the littlest shock can cause pain.

In my 8th grade science class we were using rabbit fur and pipes to show electricity. My science partner touched the pipe to me and I thought my heart stopped and I passed out. I wasn't allowed to participate in any of the labs after that.

My whole life I made things flicker, my tv flickers when I walk by it, especially street lights. When I started dating my current boyfriend we would walk down a road at night and the lights would either burn out or flicker, he thought it was really funny. Then as we dated more, he saw that it was an everyday thing.

I also am very good at reading people and knowing how they feel, I know what they are feeling and it consumes me, I could feel depressed because someone in my class near me is.

Other experiences that I have had was I had many imaginary friends as a kid, but they weren't normal imaginary friends, they would tell me how they died, and they wouldn't look like everyday people, one man I saw had his face half burned off and he said that his house burned down. I used to just believe that it was just my imagination until I got older and was experiencing the same thing still. I hear people when I'm all alone, and I see shadows in my house.

My old house had a lot of scary experiences, people were getting sick from coming over or my friends were anxious just being in the house, I slept walked all the time when I lived there, since I have moved I haven't slept walked since and my friends aren't nervous being in the house. I always have dreams of people I don't know, and I help them with their problems. I was wondering if I have psychic abilities.

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AuricIndigo (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-21)
2 things= Telepathic and psychokinetic.

Psychokinesis (telekinesis, pyrokinesis etc...) and telepathy go hand in hand.

Everyone is psuchic, its just the level of how psychic they are and what abilities.
Just like everyone can sing, its just some people are better than others.


The flickering is due to your energy. Because you have more energy than most people and you can't control it yet, the energy is spread everywhere and therefore causesthe electronic malfunctions.

I am telekinetic and these things have happened to me as well.

If you don't control the energy then that's how poltergeists are made and can become very dangerous.

I suggest-

-solfeggio frequencies (try to find a legit mp3 because you don't want to tuin the healing and opening process.)
- then try doing the PSIBALL technique
-then PSIWHEEL exercises.

* if youneed any help, feel free to email me. There is still a lot of info needed inbetween all my suggestions.

-w. Light and love
i_am_me_maybe (4 stories) (9 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-19)
Wow, I've always had problems with technology but not that extent! As for feeling depressed when someone who is depressed is near you is an empath ability. An empath is a person who feels what others feel. They tend to be anti-social,and feel physically drained when going into crowds such as the mall. When you say you have dreams of people you don't know and you want to help them is probably signifying that you feel those people who are in disspair and want to help them but can't. I'm an empath I reconized my ability a few years ago and was scared, but thankfully I've began to focus on it and trying to expand it. Try meditating it helps alot! I hope this answers some of your questions.
steve11 (1 stories) (31 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-16)
I have seen this electronic jinx thing at times. It happens to me to. Not as much though. It happens to my son also. I believe we are being sabotaged by evil powers to keep us out of their way and to keep us from gaining power to defeat them. The power of truth and goodness will win. The evil powers will all run away and hide because what they did and what they try to hide. The truth will never go away and will be exposed for all to know. It is a spiritual war against evil powers. Lets keep this secret. *S*

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