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Questioning My Channeling


I have been channeling for nearly 30 years and have been channeling my Mom for about a year and a half (she died 2 years ago). She told my son that his pet turtle would live until my son is a real old man (my son had asked her how long the turtle would live). The turtle died yesterday! My son is not an old man but a child so now I am totally confused and don't know who we have been talking to! She sounds like my mom, looks like my mom projected over me, has my mom's mannerisms, etc, so what is going on? Please help.

My son has had many visions of her since she passed away and I felt they were real as he looked shocked then would announce, "There's Nana!" and describe what he saw. She appeared old to him at times (she was old when she passed), other times middle aged, other times young. He had never seen her as young or middle aged when she was physically alive as she was already in her 70's when he was born and passed when he was 8 years old so there is no way he could have been imagining her as young or middle aged.

I felt he was seeing her manifesting to him. He said she always looked happy and smiling at him. He was comforted by it. I have smelled her scent many times and have felt the cool breeze of her near me when I have smelled her scent. I have not seen her other than when in trance and looking into the mirror where I have seen her image projected over my face. I heard her say to our dog early one morning, "Back" which is what she used to say to her when she was alive and trying to get from room to room on her walker when the dog was laying in the way.

My son and I were very close to my mom in life and I took care of her in her final years during all of her illnesses. I couldn't bring myself to channel her until about 6 months after her passing as I was too grief-stricken over her death. Now due to this turtle situation I don't know if I have been channeling her or if I am nuts (that would make my son nuts too as her has sworn it is her he sees and hears during the channeling (I consciously remember each channel too and it sounds like, feels like and looks like her). It has now left us wondering what is going on. Even my son said to me "I don't know who it is talking through you because Nana wouldn't lie to me!" after the turtle died. I feel horrible about that as I don't want my son to be terrified over some evil spirit impersonating my mom and I don't want him looking at me as a nut. He hasn't said either but I worry about that. So please help. I need all the insights I can get to help me figure this out. Thanks and love to all.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-02)
GOD said: don't comunicate with/channel, familiar spirits or spirit guides! He said that to PROTECT US! Jesus never did it, he just PRAYED... Are we better than Him, or more spiritually advanced? I don't think so! Don't dabble in occult spirit practices, because you are playing with fire, and you'll get burnt! Visit website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. Stay safe. God bless!
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-26)
Hello, whiteswan,
I just read your post and feel sad for you
And for your son. I am sure that your mother's SPIRIT whom you have been in touch with since such a long time would NEVER lie to you and your son! You described your
Relationship so well, yours, your son's, and your mother's spirit, that there is no doubt in my mind that you were always in ITS presence. The way I see it is that your conversations with your mother's spirit are being perceived by other spirits and the time that you asked about when your son's turtle would die, was the moment that another spirit moved into your thinking. Letting you perceive that the turtle would live until your son would be an old man. All this done in your MOTHER'S SPIRIT'S ENERGY! That means this other spirit moved close to your mother's spirit and sent these thoughts to you while you SAW your mom, felt your mom, and assumed that her spirit was sending you these thoughts!
I don't know what to advise you with since this is NOT a matter which only happens now and then. IT IS OFTEN DONE! I just wouldn't ask too many questions for a while.
Your mother's spirit would be informed too about what was done to you and your son and would be on its guard! Someone certainly wants to move into your sessions and wants to ruin your relationship with a spirit you love so much! I am sure that your mother's spirit will be able to find ways in which it can proof to you that it is aware of someone imitating IT.
Take care and please let me know whether the above has been of help to you.

May God bless you, your son, and your mother's spirit!
Constancy (Erika)
Janet_Lightstone (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-24)
I am very sorry for the loss of your mother and the loss of your turtle. It's been a very difficult experience. Turtles are very special beings and I understand your son's connection.

I would not doubt your channeling connection to your mother or your son's. Sometimes Spirit delivers the message we are most likely to accept. Would you accept a message from her that said "your turtle is going to die soon?" How would that have made you feel? Worried, I think, even upset. I think you got the message you were most likely to accept in the moment.

To me this is a reminder to see if you are ready to accept any answer when you ask a question. The best lesson from this is to be sure your are ready to accept all possible answers before asking a question. When we are open to all possibilities we are more likely to get clear and accurate answers.

If I were your mother on the otherside, I would not want to be the bearer of heartbreaking news. Send her thanks for the lesson, and promise her you will only ask her about guidence and support and not about predictions. This is the best way to get trusted information from Spirit.

spiritalk (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-24)
One of the difficult things in channeling our own loved ones is... It can appear on the wish bone instead of the psychic abilities. We want so much to hear from a specific spirit we are encouraging all phenomena to be recognized.

Testing the spirit is important.

As to turtles - don't they live for a long long time? Perhaps someone was just telling him as they saw it?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2008-07-24)
I know this seems very distressing to you but grandparents say things like that to children. They probably figure that the pet will live long enough that the child will mature and be less upset when they do in fact pass. I doubt your grandmother even knows how long turtles live nor that it would die the next day. Bad luck on that one!

As with any psychic, no one is ever 100% accurate and should always use their best judgment, even when channeling loved ones.


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