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Am I Suppose To Be Channeling For Dead People?


I'm 28 years old I have 2 children and am quite a grounded and rational person. Since the age of 5 I have always suffered from anxiety but learnt to just ignore the feeling and get on with my day. The last year I am starting to question wether this is just anxiety. I always feel like some one is here ESP the last year I feel like I'm being watched ESP at night the anxiety is really over whelming I don't want to get un dressed or sleep with my body out of the cover. About 12 months ago I was in bed I could see figures in the room made up of the little light speckles you see when you close your eyes but I could tell which ones were black men a blonde man and worst of all one was hovering over my daughter I was not scared though my partner was in the bed aswell and I told him everything I was seeing he just thought I was nuts and told me to go to sleep a week later I see one again hovering over me whilst in bed this has only happened twice but I have always been afraid of the dark as a child I could never explain wry I was so scared because I couldn't explain the nightmare 25 years later it dawned on me it's the man made up of dots. Theese figures I see where the nightmare I used to have then it occurred to me maybe this was not a nightmare maybe I was seeing these figures then that is wry I hate the dark now. Since having this thought my mind has been so confused the anxiety I'm feeling of being watched (am I actually being watched or sensing a ghost maybe) other things are also bothering me I hear things really loud a bus driving past my car sounds like a really loud notice next to my ear I hear things so clearly that are really far away which sometimes frightens me, I have a tendencie to random think some one is pregnant never a close friend but a friend of a friend and they always are, I also tend to follow signs I think they have meanings and I'm suppose to follow it cause its a sign and I no I'm being shown it I can feel it in my heart just don't know by who. The last few months I feel like I'm suppose to be doing something I feel more anxious more watched and at night I find myself talking in my head to what ever I think is there I don't get no reply nor do I expect one but I'm so convinced they can here me and they'll go away so I can sleep. I'm also In a new house but I feel it stronger than ever I have tarot cards I am defo an ameture but I feel really drawn to them. Has any one got any advice has any one seen the figures made up of dots? Am I just anxious and need to relax any advice is good advice. Thanks for reading x ps can I also add an example a few weeks back I had to go downstairs at night when I stood at the top of the stairs I said to my self il run down and quickly turn on the light at the bottom but then I thought " nah your not gona let me switch the light on something will happen" well I ran down the stairs switched the light on the hole mains cut out I was standing in darkness I was so scared I ran bk up the stairs telling my partner I knew it was gona do that his toying with me that is one of a few examples where I think I'm being played with a bit. I don't know if I'm being haunted, paranoid or they want help or am I suppose to be talking to it

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ciretee (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-10)
It sounds like you are a clairsentient, you ''feel'' the presence of spirit. I am the same way and it can be a little nerve wrecking when you feel the spirit but you don't know if they are good or bad, just their. If I am ever feeling scared I ask for protection and it seriously helps! Your ears may be more sensitive because you may also be clairaudient also. Pay attention to any random thoughts that pop into your mind outta the blue when you are feeling spirit as this is how they can easily communicate with us. Don't give into fear, cast it aside it will only hinder you, I can say this from experiance. Fear feeds dark energies because they can no longer get energy from the light, that's why they are called dark energies. Sounds like we have a lot in common, hope some of this helps you some.
Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-03)
Hello! I read that big paragraph and you didn't mention any attacks on you just being afraid of the dark. So don't worry your not getting haunted. Haunting can be very very draining on a person.

As for channeling the dead. They might just need your help to move on or confirm their dead, or they might be your guardians watching over your family. Study up on tarot cards and protection to negative or evil spirits. Always try to be safe when channeling them so always have a protection field or whatever faith you are for protection being there. Hope this helps you!

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