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Friends From The Other Side


I've had many strange experiences all my life. From the age I can remember I've had an older woman with me continually, and to this day. I believe her to be my great grandmother. In dreams she has told me of herself. I've only seen spirits a few times and heard them even less. Even my dog came last year shortly after her death and I captured a picture of a mist in the shape of a dog. I didn't see this with my eyes, only in the photo.

I've had spirits play their "games". Hiding things and if it were just me looking it would be different but when you have 3-4 people looking for keys & then they are right in plain site a few minutes later I'm convinced. When I finally do see the object of my search, one of my friends from the other side ALWAYS comes to mind (with laughter).

I find dimes in my dryer all the time. They are from a dear friend.

My most vivid experience was when I was 18. I woke up to a "person" sitting on my bed over me. It was weeks after my boyfriend was killed and after that I felt so much better. Still not sure who that "person" was as it wasn't my boyfriend.

At 32, I died "briefly". There was no bright light but there were 2 men in their 40's, attired above my body whispering. I was on the ceiling looking down trying to tell people I was okay. I always thought these men were care takers of me and it wasn't my time and maybe they were in trouble? LOL.

Many many experiences, too many to write about here. What I am writing about today is that ALL of my friends from the other side are "here" in my house. I can't see them but I KNOW they're here. They are all in my head also. When I say "friends" I mean that. These are people I've known that have died. I have more friends on the other side than I have here. Would anyone have an opinion as to why they are all here? It's beginning to make me feel like I will be dying soon. I've heard of the "veil" thinning and this too was a thought. Maybe I am sensing them more for this reason. This has been going on for about 5 weeks.

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