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Numerology And Seeing The Future


I've had precognitive dreams before. Last year I dreamed of baking a cake in a room with four friends and their deceased grandma, then walking through a cemetery. Before this dream started, I had noticed a distinct smell of melted plastic no one else could smell. This drove me crazy because I thought I was nuts. I then noticed that after smelling it with in 24hrs I would receive bad news about someone close to me.

I smelled it December 07th, right before my mom went to the hospital. The same dream I had I told my mom last year and she warned me to eat first because she was superstitious and we feel we all had a genetic psychic link. Two days before she passed I told her my dream, now I regret it because I feel like I set her fate in stone. The dream with my four friends happened to be the four friends that would be in the hospital room with me as my mom took her last breath. The cake being baked in the dream

I understand more now since her memorial was held the day before my son's birthday. My best friend went out and got him a birthday cake. How Ironic? Am I gifted or am I crazy? This is not the only time I've noticed these abilities, I just don't know how to tune into them more. I also notice that numerology plays a big role in my life. My birtthday is 2-4, my son's is 4-6 and my daughter is 6-8, the order is 2,4,6,8? Does this have meaning? My dad was on the 2nd floor room # 224 when he died. My mom was on the 4th floor room #442 she died at 4:44pm on 4-2-08. She lived at 912 Blythe St. For 36 years; it cost $912.36 to have her cremated. If I sense something before it happens through smell or dreams it happens within 2hrs, 2days or 2 weeks. The first time I dreamed this about death and the birthday cake it was 2 weeks prior to her passing. Am I crazy? Can someone help me figure out what this is I've been experiencing my whole life?

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Future321 (26 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-28)
You aren't crazy that's for sure. I believe these thing are happening to you for a reason. I too can dream the future. It is an odd thing, the hardest part is making sence of it. And about that # stuff I was born 4 days before my mom. That might be a coincidence but who knows.
jadetiger (8 stories) (55 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-17)
I know what you mean about the numbers thing. Just about all of my parents' grandchildren are around their or us kids' birthday. And my Dad died the day after my Mom's b-day and one week before his own. My own son was born 4 days before my birthday.

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