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To Believe In Yourself


I had always felt there was something a little different about me. Then I thought Oh Emm get over yourself you no different to the next. Then things started happening over the years, for me to start trusting those feelings. I would randomly guess the next song on the radio. Always knew who was calling or texting me. I would sometimes get an overwhelming feeling that I would see someone that day I haven't seen for years, sometimes those I don't want to see, and would bump into them that day. My boyfriend would come home from watching footie and ask me what the footie scores were and I would tell him the exact scores, even though I hadn't watched the match. Certain situations had vision of what was going to happen next and what was going to be said. For example I had a vision of my old pain in the neck boss falling down the stairs on his bum, two seconds later, he fell down the stairs. I was shocked, and also in fits of giggles, bad I know! I Sense peoples pasts when meeting them and sometimes sense what people are thinking.

The one thing that sticks out the most was when I moved into my first flat. First night I knew instantly that there was something else there. Time past and I started seeing shadows, just thought it was my mind playing tricks. Then my boyfriend mentioned seeing the same, I nearly cried with terror. The presence I felt was that of a man. The vortex of energy being around the bathroom. For some reason I knew never to close the bathroom door. One night I had felt a strong cold breeze brush past my face, that cold it chilled the water in my eyes. Later on that night I was up late, alone. For some reason I had closed the bathroom door. I was in the kitchen getting a drink when these almighty thuds was coming from the bathroom. It was like someone was trying to breakdown the door and shaking it trying to get it open. I froze in shear terror. I went out to see if there was a burglar, but the banging then stopped, and there was no one there. I never shut the bathroom door after that. I always get chill's telling that story.

I have always been very sensitive, but never trusted my instincts and always regretted it afterwards. The past couple of years I have believed in myself enough to trust my own instincts about situations and people 9 out of 10 being right. Just takes practice I guess and being able to tell the difference between instinct and paranoia:) haha I would like someone else's take on this so if you have any advice please feel free to comment.

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EmmLou (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-21)
Hi Guys, thanks for your positive comments. I haven't even really spoken about this with anyone so was good to hear your views. The night before last while trying to sleep, I had a flashback or vision. Lasted one second. The image was of two identical blue and yellow lorries coming towards in on a duel carrage way. One was over taking to other... I was in their path, I was in a vehicle of some kind, just about to collide head on with them. This made me sit up in shock my heart stopped and I felt my stomach in my mouth. I often have visions like these, and since being on this site I thought from now I will research what I see to see if anything comes up. If anyone hears of this on the news let me know... Thanksx
LoranaJoy (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-19)
I like how you mention the important fact of being able to trust yourself enough to decide wether what one is feeling comes from instincts or just paranoia. I have blamed myself for being "Paranoid" for awhile now although I feel deep down that with heightened sensitivity comes the natural instinct to protect oneself from others especially those who give off creepy feelings. I live in a big city with lots of people that have strange tales and odd energies, I sometimes brush my own instincts aside just to be able to walk down the street. I guess minor contact isn't so harmful but I really shouldn't deny what comes naturally. Let us know how it goes with that entity, I really hope no harm comes to you.
Love, Namaste
trueckl (6 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-19)
I too have found that the more I believe in myself, the greater and more frequent the abilities become. It's all about trust.
Tiffany006 (2 stories) (30 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-19)
I can completely understand where your coming from. Just as an example I once had a feeling to not go down a certain road. I of course ignored it and got into my first car accident, that was my fault and I got sued over. We get these feelings for a reason, but it is the fear of being different and our ego that makes us ignore them.

It is a journey that you take when you decide to embrace your gift. You have to pretty much reprogram your brain from thinking you may be nuts, to no this is normal for me. In the end it is a journey that is completely worth taking.

If you need help or have questions please feel free to visit my blog. I hope you find your new way of thinking

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