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A Shield Of Privacy


There are several words to describe the ability to afford off incoming feelings or 'vibes' from people in one's environment. Shield is one. I have used a wall that is visually put up when I enter a large store, a restaurant or any location where there are more than 10 people. I have walked into some places and felt ghosts and they feel much different than the emotions that I 'pick up' from those around me. I am usually able to hear and feel when I focus on what a person is feeling or focusing on. Some things, I feel through people.

I was on the phone with a very chatty yet psychic understanding friend a few years ago. She lived in the same state where some guy was suspected of killing his pregnant wife. I could feel evil when I looked at his photo. Thanks to the 'look up everyone's nose media, his photo was on every news cast. I was SO avoiding the topic, especially the/his photo. My friend, pushing me for info on an over seas friend, couldn't understand why I wasn't able to provide for her at that time. Ending a conversation with her was just not done. I was browsing through the computer while listening to her... His face came onto the screen... I immediately looked away and told her I had to go. She could tell I was upset and knew it wasn't anything she did.

With her encouragement, told her of the quiet lapping water, the tarp, rope, another life nearby, the shade covering the larger body and the smaller body directly in the sun. The breeze, the footpath down to that area where some go fishing. Large ships somewhere nearby... The wife's body was found the next day. My dear friend tried to reach me, however I worked full time and had no desire to even see the newscast. Why see the limited shots of a camera. Another time, a guy I was dating had just visited his dad in jail. Skipping all the details, he was quite spooked, after a game of mind reading, on how I knew where his dad kept his personal belongings, what his old house looked like, and more to the point, why Dad was in jail. Heck of a bad headache after that one.

Bottom line: if I allow myself, I can feel the fight a couple had that morning as I pass the wife in the market, know what a man is thinking of as he walks by, feel the rebellion of a teenager. There are cases of kids or cold cases that I can see what was going on through the eyes of the victim, know whether that missing kid is dead or not and what the perp looks like. There have been 3 murders in my state that are all part of an immense hate issue a tri state Napoleon type trucker has. Like the husband, I have to lock that one away hence the feeling of drowning overcomes me. Napoleon will kill again. It won't be until another 2 bodies before the cops see similarities. He has changed things on purpose, thus far.

How do I shield myself?

I once sat on a bus bench and shot straight up again. The Mexican woman who sat there before me? I knew she was going to get beaten when she got home because her check wasn't as much as her husband wanted it to be. He was a drunk however that does little for me. I have read many submissions that say there is a protective shield some psychics have or use. Can anyone explain further? Even when I have my wall up, it takes effort to keep it up, a child or an animal can usually melt right through. Why is that, By the way? The most innocent can melt, what it feels like, right through the wall/shield. I have had some animals or kids come right to me. Most animals and children curl right up to me. Some seem outright frightened of me.

Can anyone suggest a more detailed way to protect myself from the hostility, anger and negativity that seems to gravitate through and to me without I creating a major distraction &/or winding up in a jacket that ties in the back?; (;) I don't need to relive other folk's lives. One cannot go up to someone and say, "Drop his a**, he's not worth it." "You aren't pregnant so don't worry about it..." "She's cheating on you and God you could do so much better" Better yet, I DO NOT NEED to know any of the above. Not like my 'skills' could be of any help without labeling me a 'freak'. Knowing me, I'd tell them what under wear they had on just to watch that nervous look they get...

Details on shields, walls, etc. Please...

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csincj (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-15)
Someone on this site recommended seeing a 'bonafide' medium. Do not know anything about Chakra.
Hospitals can be difficult. Distraction and my own wall, help a bunch. Worked with the severely disabled and experienced some remarkable people. Have a professional shield of sorts... I was lucky earlier this week. No one but the welcome person at Wally world and I was thouroughly distracted, lost my card, at Costco.
I met one of my neighbors the other day and had a feeling of doom. He was shot within a week of meeting him. Very Unusual for this area. I couldn't of done or said a thing about it. I only felt an 'inkling. It seemed further away then the feeling I get with cancer folks.
I'll google Chakra and check out Email addresses later...
revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2009-07-14)
dear csincj- I know it's hard. Hospitals are the worst for me. All those spirits wandering the halls and the sadness from grieving relatives etc.

You didn't mention whether or not you worked with chakra meditation to help alleviate your problem? Also why would you need a bona fide psychic? If you would like to contact me my email address is in my profile.

Love and Light
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-13)
Protection can take many forms and works differently for each person. I know when I protect myself too much my Guides explain that is why they could not send people to me for me to help. Apparently I block too well. But when I do want to create a shield I draw it from inside me to surround my exterior self. I prefer the crystal ball because it is round, solid, but I can see through it.

When I need to get through crowds but I do not want to block I will instead use my psychic abilities to predict each person's movement. Works everytime. I can make it through an entire mall in seconds. (I should have become a hockey player.)

(Now, who wants to tell Janet Jackson the message I received from Michael the day of his death about his death being due to "Spleen"? He wanted me to tell her rather than any other family members, but I do not know how to reach them. Since he would not tell me more I assume he means his spleen burst? I am still trying to figure out why the night before his death I had dreamed about his servant's shack of a house containing all his food storage. What was with all the cockroaches? Gross! Why did he not show me his death instead since he died that very next day. Perhaps because he was not dead yet and he thought he would wake up from the coma?)

Jynx (3 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-11)
Although I am 17 and still researching into the life of a psychic despite my limited amount of experiences, I have discovered that some psychics can form a particular type of shield around them.

Some say that the shield protects the psychic from dangers of any sort by holding positive feelings and forming a shield based upon them. Others say that those who wish to calm their environment comes once again from the positive feelings surrounding them and the above can generally be created with practise.

Some say that some psychics have the skill to shield themselves more naturally due to them supposedly seeing a truly awful tragedy and some claim it occurs when you see death in the face.

However, these are merely what I have read on various websites and books and understandably there are pros and cons to both ideas. But on a more personal scale, I have been able to have a form of shield around me and it started to show the most during a time when my sister use to have cancer but whethe it is simply the desire to be protected or to protect others or whether it is drawn from emotions surrounding you I am still slightly unsure.
csincj (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-11)
Distraction has been working for years now. However, It can only go so far. When I work on the truck, I need to shield myself from the feelings of the previous owners. Those feelings are 'far' enough away, they can be ignored... The animals provide simple and loving feelings. They really are why I moved to the country; they provide a counter balance, if you will...
Fabrication has happened in my life and I've found a very subtle differentiation between the two. Still working on that one... It's just the crowded rooms and the 'storms' of feelings that hit so dang hard, and unexpected. I cruise into the Wally world for bread, Costco for milk or whatever. I've learned to have my wall up, weak as it can be, OR forget all about needing it, hit the entrance and SLAM! I'm in a 3d movie theater watching bits and pieces of other lives go by. Try getting a cart, putting your bag in it, while having all this going on... Invariably, I come back bewildered...
Looking at the faces going by and trying to match which film to which person... THAT is what I need to change; do not follow through. Not my concern. I have recently added an image of myself dumping a trash can into a huge dumpster. It works about 60-70% of the time. Some visions, feelings, sounds, stay around for a bit... That kind of drives me nuts because the sound/image/smell of whatever, goes through my head for, sometimes, days...
Where does one find a bona fide medium without going major media AKA public about one's ability? 😕 😕
revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
my psychic shield protects me from negative energy (sadness, terror etc) attaching itself to me. It doesn't stop the info (visions etc) from coming in. I see gruesome images of decomposed bodies but I am not emotionally connected to them except when it comes to seeing crimes against children and then I sometimes cry. If an image comes to me I would rather not deal with, then or ever, I instantly think of something else whether it be something I need to accomplish that day or I recall a peaceful scene I once experienced. In short I return to the present and living for that day.

It has helped me to learn how to open and close my chakras. Usually depression or sadness increases when my heart chakra is open too wide. I never close it all the way but I do control it when I need to. The other chakras of the body also work this way even the 2rd chakra the 3rd eye. You might want to try closing this down a little and see how you feel. It may reduce that amount of psychic info you have coming in.

Another issue you might want to consider is that not all of your feelings are going to be accurate. I have never met a psychic with 100% accuracy and have never known a psychic who can say that. So perhaps some of your "readings" are false but you don't know which ones without verification. What I am trying to say is perhaps you are overloading yourself on ALL of these negative images when some of them are fabrications and not actual psychic messages. Take them with a grain of salt (the ingestion of which, according to folklore, is supposed to reduce psychic ability- but I am a salt person and this has not affected my abilities).

You are in control of these images- you can take them to heart, put them on the back burner and nor deal with them by focusing on the chores of the day you need to accomplish. Fill your head with other things. Generally speaking, as you wrote, you should not volunteer your feelings to others unless they specifically ask you to do so. Volunteering psychic info can backfire and manifest in the worst possible ways.

Take heart in knowing that the Divine Spirit watches over those of us with psychic gifts and offers us It's love and protection all the time. Remember to use your gifts in a selfless manner and love and light will come your way.

Love and Light
csincj (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
Thank you, both of you. The wall I put up usually works except when someone of strong emotions, comes by;ie w/in 10 ft (?) or comes within physical contact. I can 'handle' going into town, live in the country, for three days before I begin to feel worn. Example: Stay in the car, etc, while everyone else hobknobs. If I am alone, AT HOME, I can and do focus on myself for practice. I have a condition that involves pain so it isn't difficult to be distracted from others emotions 😆 😆
I will work on improving the strength of my wall.
I am at a loss as to what I can do to help anyone with such 'gift'. The police are very wary, period! I would need to study theology to speak for ghosts. I think we already have enough ghost folks... 😆 Delving into a person's personal life...Huh? Read the mind of a prisoner to find the evidence...Oh, yeah, that sounds like a blast...groan. Groan.
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
Hi Carolyn,

As you're in the US you have a lot of people who state they have similar gifts so direct assistance shouldnt be far away.

I cannot assist you with my gift from where I am and as your gifts are so very different from mine I cannot guide you in this either.

There are a few things I would like you to try:

1. Bring yourself into a calm meditative state. In this state wrap yourself in shadows/mist/fog willing this concealment to remain in place, a veil between all that you are and everyone else - their memories, their feelings, their psychic imprints. Reinforce this veil over and over, i.e. Really apply yourself. Allow no senses to reach out beyond the mundane, distract yourself with the mundane, focus on it. In time it is my theory that you will block your ability. This requires discipline and control - this is how I stop myself from having insights of people's death when I am in proximity to them (more of a curse).

2. A friend of mine believes that hematite will ground you and inhibit your ability - as it must be of a higher vibration. The hematite should lower your vibration and thus dampen your abilities - its theory.

3. Learn to control your gift through meditation. Try to impress you will on your ability as it happens, try to sense what you can at will then try the opposite. Seek out a legitimate mentor if you can and it is your will.

4. Meditate on a barrier over your body, like a second skin tight against your flesh, fill this barrier with all the will you can muster, direct it, focus it on blocking your awareness of psychic imprints and other consciousness and vice versa, nothing comes in, nothing goes out of this shield. Maintaining it may be difficult but in time it will get easier. You might get headaches and feel drained but don't give up - you will get stronger in time.

5. This last thing is something I don't understand and would never do again myself because I cut myself off from my abilities for a long time and I felt what I can only describe as diminished... Meditate. Close your eyes, block out all sound, all distractions, all images and thoughts, there is only the darkness of your mind, ignore all other minds, all emotion, just be calm. Breathe in slowly, and exhale slowly, develop a rhythm until you feel completely at peace, you feel nothing, hear nothing, see only the darkness of your mind (this will take as long as it must). Now, when you are totally at peace turn your focus inwards. Move into yourself, the darkness is spatial, it is your mind, it is you, travel inwards into yourself, into that darkness, do not be afraid there is nothing to be afraid of, there is nothing that can harm you here, nothing to be afraid of. Move into yourself faster and faster, strive for your very core of your being, there may be obstacles or distractions or thoughts of images, travel inwards through them, let them shatter and fade - pierce them all and move on past them to your inner core. You may not be sure what direction you're going in but keep focusing and willing yourself deeper into yourself to the very point of your beginning. If successful you will break through the darkness and you will be surrounded by white light, its like walking from a pitch black room into the sunlight, there will no longer be any darkness behind your closed eyes, it will be nothing but white light, and its you, you're apart of it, its apart of you, you are at your core. It might be different for you I don't know, but it will be sudden and unexpected when you break through to the core of your being. You will feel at peace in this place within yourself, it is here where I think you will have the most success for willing some peace into your life, i.e. You will be able to enact the change you desire - control of your ability, here you will find the strength, its where it probably comes from. In this place I don't think you can use your abililty - I say this because my skill, my extraordinary sight - the sparks that permeate everything - in this place for the first time in my life I could not see them, I could only see the light, there was no darkness, no colour, only the white brightness. From this place I sealed my own abilities and it worked. I also broke down crying because when I opened my eyes I had never seen a world without the sparks. I knew they were there but I could no longer see them and I regretted my actions. It was months before my ability started to come back despite my best efforts to reverse what I had done but thankfully the sparks slowly became more visible to me. I don't know for sure but perhaps this may help you. A word of caution, sometimes for no reason I am thrown back into my core. Not by any force I can discern. I don't know why but I'll be walking then suddenly the sparks in my vision go nuts, they all explode in white light and its all I can see as I collapse - its a shocking thing to happen but after my vision returns I seem fine like it never happened. This happens only a handful times a year at random it would seem - its why I will never drive a car if I can avoid it.

The best advice I can give is to agree in part with Ursula. Seek advice from others, gather as much as you can, and then make an informed decision about what to do. My method has always been trial and error so I don't know if what I suggest could result in any permanent damage.

Best of luck,
Ursala (48 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
csincj, You might want to seek help from a bonafide medium. Your ability far exceeds most of us on this site (I mean that with the utmost respect to the hundreds of site people). If at all possible, try finding a mentor with similar or even with gifts surpassing yours. As overwhelming as it feels, embracing your gift may actually help you to understand how to manage it, rather than it managing you life. Best of luck.
csincj (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
I am totally lost. When I say I use a wall, I see it go up in my mind's eye. There are times I will allow myself to be cacooned in a warm place, I imagine a blanket perhaps, that I am convinced does not allow penatration, engulfing me. That is blocking as you described... I think. Sounds like it to me...
Your question bewilders me. Manipulate my third eye? Huh? When someone's emotions are strong and my 'wall' is down, I can feel what they felt under their feet, on their skin, etc., at whatever time said event they are thinking about occured. If they are not remembering such, I do not 'pick it up'. I pick up on memories that people have when I am in proximaty... I want to avoid the 'pick up' part or at least avoid it and still leave the house... 😜
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
Well, there are two types of shielding you could employ. A shield anchored to a locality or a shield anchored to your person.

An alternative would be to cloud your third eye, you've heard of lifting the veil? Well, meditate on the opposite and see where that gets you, in theory you should be effectively blocking your own ability if its third eye related.

Are you able to manipulate any other forms of energy? The energy I manipulate into shields is hard to explain, but it is seen as sparks of light in every hue permeating everything like the dust in the air, dancing, vibrating. Some can see it, some can sense it but not see it, some can't see or sense anything. But if you can feel it I think you can use it, if you can see it I think you'd be able to control it - I can help you with this, I think it may help you.

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