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How Do I Deal with my Premonitive Dreams?


Since I was little, I would have dreams about stuff that would actually happen. My aunt's funeral was exactly as I saw it in my dream 2 weeks before she died. The night my great grandma died, I felt a hand on my arm. Stuff like that happened very rarely. But lately things have been getting a little hard to deal with.

Every day I wake up, turn on the t.v. or go to work and there is something that has to do with dreams I had during the night. Or someone will say the same thing as someone said in my dream. This happens pretty much every day.

The problem is a dream I had last month. I was trying to find my mother, running around in the country, I came upon a farm, I know that's where my mother is but I am too scared to go any further up to the house. The thing is, the past 2 weeks my mom's boyfriend has been getting death threats in the mail from his ex. They broke up 2 months ago, when she found out he was seeing my mom, shiat hit the fan. My mom took me out to his house last night for the first time, and driving out into the field I flashed back to this dream. It is the same farm that I saw in my dream a month or 2 ago. I told her about it and told her she should not stay there because of this dream. I was terrified, this dream was so real, I knew that my mom was in danger, I knew what road I was on in what part of the county, this was before I knew where he lived.

I am just scared because I know from experience that the things I dream about often pop up through out the day. I was wondering if all these little dreams about stupid stuff was a way of making me pay attention to my dreams so I could warn her of this danger. It's funny when it's little things like dreaming of someone bringing donuts to work then showing up and there's donuts there, but how am I supposed to know what will happen and what won't? I hate it that everyone thinks I'm nuts, how do you deal with stuff like this?

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heyoka (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-12)
We all have these dreams. Some more than others, some people don't notice them. We wonder "why?" there must be a purpose for these supernatural occurences. We have dreams and then we see our dreams played out in our "consciousness".As you said, in yours you were scared to go in the house. I think these dreams show us A PART of the future, and possibilities. While interpreting you now realize how you should REact in the situation. You must not be scared... You must find courage. And perservere when you get that "Oh- shiate-this-was-one-of-my-dreams-deja-vu"-feeling
Rein dancer (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-29)
I use Reiki. When I have a precognitive dream I apply Reiki to the situation... It is the only way I have found which makes me feel as though I have some influence over events that may be negative. On the other hand somethings just need to happen.

Wayne (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-04)
You need to convince your mother of the seriousness of this situation and try to go deeper in to your dream maybe meditation might help, but that's one thing I can't give you any advice on I'm only beginning my trainning after a long time of being confused and I haven't started meditation yet.
Ann (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-15)
Some dreams are similar to technology in the 80's and 90's. Using a 300 baud modem and receiving a lot of line noise.
Main thing is try to remain calm. Breath through your nose, and be joyful for all that is positive.
Your mind will clear within a few minutes.
If you can accept the information as an FYI without reacting, you might feel better. Many times you will have knowledge of things that you can not change. It can get very frustrating thinking you can change things when in perhaps you were only a observer.
At least with observing, you can gain acceptance.

Last as I tell my daughter hold out both of your hands. One hand stands for one choice, and the other hand the other choice. Choose the hand that will prevent you from receiving regret.
fudgybunny (1 stories) (28 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-15)
You shouldn't worry about what other people think of you. Besides, most of us get this too. That's why they created this website, so we can stick together and help each other out. You should meditate and see a psychic later on.
jordan mulherin (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-07)
my dear
you mustnt worry yourself with the details in these dreams as they are what's fake... Donuts at work not someone bringing in donuts... Look at the big picture and that's your premonition...

help from a friend who has experience in this field

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