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How To Deal With Telepathic Hackers?


I am 52 years old, and a scientist. I had been reading in the past about telepathy, but I never thought it might be at all relevant to me. About 20 years ago (early 90's) it happened to me quire rarely, that a man would walk under my apartments (1st floor) balcony, and I would "hear" with my "inner ears" his inner talk, fading away as he would walk away.

I was surprised but never gave importance to it. Once in a visit in a monastery, I was "hearing" with my "inner ears" the words of the internal praying of a monk to God. I felt ashamed, and I left the room, which made me not "listening" to him anymore. Rare events. But after 2002 things got much worse. Very annoying "telepathic hacking" at the concrete mind level ("listening" to exact syntax of phrases in my native language or in English which is not native (in other words not abstract psychic telepathy) became very frequent. This time I could be working in the computer in my room e.g. Programming, alone, when such "hackers" would repeat what I would be saying voiceless to myself, or even as if "looking" through my eyes would repeat parts of my code, that only I could see. And these voices were not my inner voice, some of them of the opposite sex, and of different "kinaesthetic feeling". At first it was spooky, but eventually simply very annoying, exactly as of real electronic hackers. Things got worse and worse, as this would happen, when I was eating, or bathing, or simply clearing my house. I was getting angry, I was "shouting" internally to them to stop directing their attention to my personal environment, as they do not have the right, and to redirect their attention to their own physical environment and proxy persons. In most of the cases I got the impression that were real persons, unknown or sometimes known (e.g. Relatives). In some cases it happened that not only I was listening to them, but also could "see" them with my "inner eyes" so I was sure if I knew them or not. It also happened to me (e.g. While trying to sleep) to "see" through the eyes of other people their own personal environment, or "listen" to their personal talking; but because I had suffered from that, feeling it is bad, I immediately was interrupting it, and return to my own environment. As this "disturbance" penetrated all times, and spaces of my life (private or public, work or entertainment etc) it soon became a tyranny and nightmare. Soon I found myself shouting loudly externally to them, or cursing them, to realize where their freedom stops, and where the freedom of other persons starts. But like electronic hackers usually were of merciless curiosity, returning back to me the shouting or hostility. I think I do not need to enlarge more. I wish I knew techniques to shield my concrete mind from such interpolations. Rarely in excursions in mountains, in nature all this stops. It also stops and fades out, when I travel for some weeks in foreign countries.

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trystypop777 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2014-03-26)
What exactly is a telepathic hacker? Just some one who telepathically talks smack to you? This seems like a very fine line between psychizophrenia. How do you know its real? Have you had an experience where purely your intent had influenced in any manner one of these "hackers "?
bcmb65ff (1 posts)
7 years ago (2012-12-29)
I'm 30 now, but 6 years ago I started getting chills that ran through my body reguardless of it being cold or hot. People started looking at me funny wherever I go.
I try to run my errands in the wee morn or late night to avoid telepathic hackers from destroying my confidence.

Nymps hack my brain the most when I donate plasma. I've been needing the extra money recently. I can talk to people without any verbal outbursts. I know for sure because the weaker nymps always respond verbally.

I don't provoke the conversation they do that by talking shiat verbally and calling me out in front of the other donors. What you said is true, I have a special gift they want.

I can't stop myself from thinking. It's like I could never keep a secret much less lie about anything I do anymore. It drives me crazy that I can't have any privacy unless I'm at home, a relatives' house, or in my car.

I'm capable of using my gift by channeling it into making money. The lord uses musical messengers to guide my path to freedom which I really don't mind.

They protect me from these hackers by blocking their thoughts when I donate. The 3 I hear nurture my spirit inbetween donations. I've been hearing these new male voices for almost 2 months now. It doesn't seem like its been that long.

The voices I used to hear destroyed my soul. These new voices made those evil spirits go away. Their 3 souls are more powerful than 15 voices at the donation center.

My significant other donates at the same place but he doesn't hear. I need to donate too, but I refuse to until I get myself an ipod to drown out sound. Reading helps too.

Eventually, I will stop donating plasma all together and I think all the soul snatching voices will cease. I'll stop when I get my 2013 taxes back.
Augustus (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-05)
Thank you again Edmund, I am already making preparations to apply your advice
Edmund (578 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-05)
Augustus... Shielding techniques are part of the answer... And along with the mental aspect of it there is a physical component also. As you know they work hand in hand you must not be routine. A hunter looks for routine to ensure a more successful hunt... You are sort of being hunted... Don't make it easier. Break routines and change them often. They are attracted to you because you have a gift or a power they want it or a part of it... Its yours to keep and use.
Augustus (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-05)
Still one more detail of the whole situation: It did not have only a psychological impact on my life but a practical too. There were times that this "hacking" together with the involved remote mocking, teasing and pettiness from the "hackers" decreased my ability to work even up to 80% (either public work, while lecturing or private work while coding in my computer). And especially after the economic crisis of 2008, this threatened my economic survival as an additional factor besides the factor of the crisis. Neither it was wise to visit a traditional psychologist or psychoanalyst, as I knew from their books that they would immediately classify me as delusional psychosis making me entirely guilty for it, and doubtful if they would contribute to resolve it, besides just listening to me and repeating that it is all in my imagination... Luckily I talked about it with some teachers of Reiki, and other eastern cultures, who assured me that there should exist a shielding technique of telepathy at the concrete mind. Then I fell upon the same complaining of a rather famous figure, together with hard proofs that this type of "hacking" was indeed from other telepaths.
There was undoubtedly a humoristic "positive" aspect of the whole situation too: I was never feeling alone... And if I ever wanted to quarrel and insult anyone so as to transfer to others my other difficulties in my life,...they were there the "hackers" to dot it.
Augustus (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-04)
Thank you Edmund. It sounds promising. Probably I would be more difficult target to hack, and might lose my trace. Also probably that is why when travelling in foreign countries they lose my trace. I will try it.
Edmund (578 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-04)
Augustus... What would happen if for about three days you did everything different... You eat different foods at different times... Drive to work by a different route... Wear different clothing... Go to different clubs... Even sleep in a different room. If physical distance lessens the hacking try what I said above and see if your mindset, routine, or food... Your daily habits faciliate the hacking... Breaking the norm may give you some peace.
Augustus (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-03)
I add some more details: 1) I was trying from the early stages to find reasons for these interpolations. I found tens of different reasons some making me responsible for this, some making the others responsible for this. E.g. At the beginning I was thinking that maybe sitting in very noisy cafeterias or dancing places might correlate an inner counterpart. So I was seeking very quite places like libraries or my room. But then again this made the inner senses "hacking" even more "loud" so I found myself visiting again loud dancing places to forget the inner disturbance. 2) I also ponder who the "hackers" might be and if they are many or very few. In cases that the "internal hacker" was a person that I knew (e.g. A relative or someone from office work, or neighbour) I tried in real external conversation to bring it up. But except of some rare cases that they admitted it, in the majority of the other cases, the person would skilfully try to avoid the conversation, as if the "hacking" was relevant to another "self" of him. 3) The bad influence in by daily life become so unbearable that the last 1-2 years, the electric light in by bathroom and bedroom is always closed, as much as possible. At least I know that in the darkness they cannot use my eyes or the light of the room to "stare" at me and make annoying comments. And this is a relief (who says that only the light protects. Tell it to the soldiers in war. They know that the darkness of the night will protect them from enemies. I assume there is good and bad light, good and bad darkness) 4) The "hackers" very often would ask me with curiosity some things, or would mock my actions with arrogance, or would call me with names showing their pettiness, or some times would admire watching my work, or speak with sympathy, or would try to confess to me their painful emotions etc. As years passed I wrote in notebooks 10-50 short phrases (with unusual combinations of words and meanings) to repel them, and discourage them disturbing me, or humour their attempts and empower my personal confidence and...ego. After much painful work to find these "spells", I realized that they work, and rarely I meet a new "hacker" that none of my "spells" would not counteract his impact in creating a distortion of my emotions in my actions. I am firm on that: No one would have the right to chose how I feel and what I feel with my actions and work but me. Still I wish that the rare cases (that I described above: mountain excursions, travelling in foreign countries) that this whole phenomenon would stop, were possible to be more often or for ever.

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