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Feeling Others' Feelings


My story is different, when I was younger it started out as bad dreams, like of my mother dying and disappearing. As I grew up my mom would be thinking about is, but I would hear her calling our name when in reality she wasn't. I have to believe that the worst gift that I have of all of them is telling when people are going to die. When I was about 17 my sister in-law had cancer, I remember looking at my mother and telling her it was only a couple of weeks, when I got to be even more of an adult, I started dreaming things that would come true. The boyfriend that I'm with now I had a experience with him, we had not meet in life but I could feel his facial hair and see what he looked like. I didn't know who he was, kind of scared me. I can walk into a house or a church or somewhere and I can sense things that other people can't. There are times that I can't walk into places because it's got a bad negative feel to it. Just recently my grandfather passed away and I wasn't there to say good bye to him but the strangest thing happened as the day wore on I had went to bed I remember tossing and turning all night, as I looked up I could see my grandfathers shadow, and it's not what you think I couldn't see his face. But I knew it was my grandfather by his spirit. When I dream I dream about different things, just recently I had a dream about being pregnant but it wasn't me, it turned out the my friend is having a baby. I can't explain these things and I sometimes when I dream I dream about things, bad things. It kind of scares me. I have the ability to feel living people and dead peoples pain. I remember being in school and sitting in class and they had been talking about this kid who had committed suicide the thing is just as they were talking about him I could sense a great deal of pain, it was so intense that I started balling my eyes out. I couldn't control my emotions at all. Anyone who would like to comment or tell me something about this I would appreciate it.

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junks1988 (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-04)
it's strange like sometimes I feel like a freak, I know that I wouldn't have been given these so called "gifts" if I wasn't ment to help, recently I have seen and heard different things, such as the numbers but it's like an ill feeling. I guess I should try to meditate because it would help mentally, but sometimes I don't really know who to talk to because there are not many people willing to talk about it.
praveen3 (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-03)
same here.
Therefore I avoid people and meditate regularly.
Feeling people's pain sometimes make me so depressed, meditation makes me normal (mentally)

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