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Dreams Sometimes Do Come True


In this story some people think I might be crazy, I'm 15 years old and I keep track on my dreams, it's not easy keeping track. When I was in middle school I was kind of scared that my dreams were going to come true in fact it did. One day I went to my mom and I told her how my girl cousin was doing in Mexico and she said she was doing fine and she was healthy. I of course didn't believe my mom because my heart started to feel like if someone gave me a huge punch. For some reason ever since I was a little girl I always had that feeling whenever something bad is going to happen. I just ignored the pain in my heart and went to sleep but I had this weird dream about this person, it looked like if I was in a hotel because there were rooms everywhere. Only one room was open and I saw doctors and I heard a women yelling, it sounded like my cousin, I saw blood everywhere and she cried and said, "help it hurts." I wanted to help but it seemed like if someone was pulling me away and also it seemed like someone was putting their hands on my mouth, so I wouldn't yell. The next day my mom had a phone call from my uncle and he said my cousin was getting a surgery because she was really sick. I started to remember that dream, my mom was really sad and started to cry and I said "mom I forgot to tell you about that I had a strange dream and I guess I should of told you " she said " it's okay it seems you have a gift." But I don't know if it's a gift and I need help with it because now each dream I have it's starting to become real.

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SpiritGirl (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
You are not crazy you do have a gift I think you can see the future through dreams. I know you find it scary but just try to accept it. Try to write down your dreams like a journal that way you can keep track of them. I have had dreams come true too, since I was a child but sometimes I can read peoples thoughts like I know what they are going to say next. It really creeps me out sometimes. I hope this helps you.

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