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Seeing The Future Since I Was Little


I have been able to see the future since I was a little girl. Seeing the future was weird, it was nothing like a dream. For example, when I was watching TV I saw this commercial for a movie. I told my mom I have seen the movie and that it was awesome. She tells me that it hasn't even come out yet in theaters. When I tried to think where I saw it I couldn't remember, but I would know the whole movie and what happens.

Or one time I was hanging out with a friend at this place we've never been. I'll be sitting there and my friend did something that triggered a flashback of the event and I would remember everything that happens and knowing I have seen everything before.

Another cool thing is that I could hear and sometimes see ghosts. I would wake up to them calling my name (CREEPY). That really scared me sometimes when I was little. I also learned how to take a deck of five cards and I could touch the deck and see one of the cards that was in the deck. I got so caught up into life though and hated emotions so I basically covered it up I think. But I know I still have the ability.

For example, this summer for two weeks the number 6 was always on the clock every time I looked at it and it bothered me so bad. I felt like something was going to go wrong. Finally one night I start having a panic attack for no reason. I just couldn't help it. So I prayed and read the bible all night until I could go to bed. Then at 2:00 in the morning someone calls my mom and tells her the office was on fire. I was just glad everyone in the cabins got out alright. If anyone could give me advise and tell me things to increase my six sense that would be really nice. Since this stuff confuses me a little.

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Psionic (3 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-29)
Precogniton is the ability to see into the future. I have this ability. My story is similar bu different. My abilites started off when I was very young, when I senced people around me... That weren't there. This is when my other psychic powers started to manifest over the years. So I know what you are going through.
As to increase your 6th Sence, have you considered tarot cards. They help trigger precognition and clairvoyance. It worked for me, now I can kind of control them but not completely. I can see into the future at will, but I do get visions that occur spontaniously.
Also, you could always try to use your powers at will. In the morning before you go out, try to use your powers and see what will happen to you in that day. I personally believe that developing your powers, means that you must use them, in order to understand them. I hope this is ok.

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