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The Rainbow And The River


This is an absolutely true experience and was one of the first psychic dream experiences I ever had that was clearly a warning of events to come.

When I was fifteen years old, I lived in a small rural town in New Jersey. I was at the time, living in a foster home due to difficulties my mother was experiencing and so, I felt rather alone and unhappy. This town was on the banks of the Delaware River, and we (teens) often spent a lot of time in this area swimming, and lounging near the banks. One night I had an unusual dream. It began with me in the water, below the surface. It was nighttime in the dream. As I ascended from below the water and just broke the surface, I saw just in front of me, feet... Floating above the surface of the water. I then looked up to see a strangely beautiful yet frightening vision.

There floating above the water, was what I perceived to be the image of Jesus. Half of his face was entirely rainbow colored. Very brilliant colors, and the other half was of normal color. As this technicolored Jesus began to speak to me, I realized that he was not directing his words to the ME in the water, but rather looking at me as I observed the dream (kind of like a person on TV who comes up to the screen to speak to television observers) I realized he was speaking to the REAL me. The only words he said were, "Tell them what you have seen". I observed that the spot in the water where the "dream me" was situated was a familiar place we often hung around.

Anyway, I woke the next day wondering about the strange dream, but then went on my way as usual.

I believe it was about two days later, me and the usual crew of friends found ourselves in this exact same area, as in my dream, but I did not think of it at the time. As we walked along the shore of the river, we came upon two rowboats. Being teens, we could not resist the temptation to take them out for a little ride. The two boys immediately jumped into one of the boats and decided to row across the river and back. Not to be outdone by the boys, me and the other girl jumped in the other and also set out to cross the river and back. Once out into the river, me and my girlfriend (neither of us could swim very well), also discovered that we did not really know how to row the boat. It became a realization a bit too late. The boat was caught up in a swift moving current, not too far above a man- made waterfall which we had heard of, but never seen. The boat began to head downstream to the "falls." At this point, my boat mate and I realized we were in danger and panic set in. The boys were out of hearing distance and our frantic cries went unheard. My boat mate began screaming and crying and thrashing around in panic, nearly upsetting the rowboat. In my effort to calm her down, I did what I saw in the movies... I slapped her and told her to be still, which she did. Struggling to row the boat in such a way as to angle it to the shore, rather than the middle of the river, I knew pretty soon we would be reaching that waterfall, and we would both drown. At that moment, I remembered the dream..."Tell them what you have seen". But it was now too late, we were in it. At some point, we became closer to the shore and I realized this was my last chance to make a move. A thought came to my mind to get out of the boat, holding on to the side, and pray that the water was not too deep, so that I could guide the boat to the shore. I did this, and as luck would have it, the water was just up to my shoulders while touching bottom. With all the strength I could muster, I began pulling it toward the shore. I found myself heading into a swamp-like area filled with tall grasses (this has always been a fear of mine, because I always thought snakes might live in this type of environment) but in my desperation I forged ahead and made it to the shore with my friend and the boat in tow.

I realized after getting ashore, that the dream had been a warning of things to come, and the possibilities could have been tragic. I am thankful to the powers that be, that I was given another chance and that they imbued me with the strength of spirit to save our lives. If I had remembered the dream and told them what I had seen (symbolically) perhaps we would have never entered the river to begin with.

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