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I am thirteen years young and my experiences start when I am in fourth or fifth grade. That is only three or four years ago. I have do not have vast knowledge of psychic experiences, but that's the point. I need information on myself before I grow out of it. If you can help me with my gift, it would be enormously appreciated.

I didn't tell my sister what I was up to, but a bit after I was on this site for the first time, I googled "psychic" looking for forums that explain how to enhance the ability. I read about one that was more interesting than the others.

My sister and I stood six feet from each other, as instructed, and we channeled our energy. We both pictured shimmering orbs in front of us and we intended to read each other's emotions. After ten minutes, I had correctly guessed that she was worried about "when to clean her cage." That is exactly what I read and I inferred that "her" was her hamster, Mocha. She got no reading off me.

Another is on field hockey, my favorite sport. Field hockey is, for those of you who don't know, a sport. Each week, my coach gives out a "athlete of the week" and, when we played a game that week, a "player if the game. On three occasions, I knew it was coming to me before she even said she was going to give one out that day. I was right on all three occasions.

Every day, Monday through Friday, I go to school. I know that I'm different. Not because I lack the gorgeousness, but because of how I react when someone talks to me or makes skin-to-skin contact. When someone touches me, my emotions change altogether and in some cases I actually get dizzy because I am overwhelmed by it.

I can sense people around me. When I was in the school music room playing the piano just last week and someone stood just outside the door listening, I was able to sense someone standing there, when the door was closed. This scared me to death when I was playing and I got this feeling. I turned around an looked and then I jumped when I found out I was right.

I get a countless number of Deja vu moments, some that actually catch me off guard and then I have to sit and close my eyes to calm myself down.

I ALWAYS get dreams. At least every other night. I remember a year ago when I was in seventh grade and I was standing by the lunchroom waiting to go in. My friend was standing next to me and I was staring at one of the lunch ladies cleaning the tables. My friend saw me pale white, staring at her name tag and a pin on the front of her shirt that said "level one". Level one means that they are new to the school district. My friend asked me what was wrong and I told her. That woman was cleaning the tables in my dream last night.

My overall experience in my life is a sense of great location and direction. If I lost something, I always find myself connected to that spot. I would be looking in one spot the whole time out of the whole house, and I would find it there. Another is when I was just on a long trip and we are pulling into our driveway outside my house. Of I am sleeping, I usually wake up without someone telling me "we're home" or "wake up". This has happened since I was VERY young, at least three or four, and I never before now thought of it as a tell-tale sign. Just the familiar bump at our street or just a coincidence had woken me up. I have come to realize that it's not a coincidence if it happens every time I arrive home.

Please comment and help me in the general direction whereas to whether I am indeed having experiences or if it is just a bunch of bologna.

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Mutantx (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-08)
You are an empath I suggest you meditate if you do not know how to meditate you can search it up on google because I don't meditate very often good luck

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