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Everything In A Mix. Maybe Even Nothing At All


I'm very new to this site. Sadly, I'm only thirteen years young, so I definitely don't know a whole lot about being psychic and what not. I have, however, known that I was different from a VERY long time. I'm a female, so it is natural that my emotions are not always in check. Please do keep that on mind while reading this. And also, please do comment because I really do need information.

It started when I was in fourth or fifth grade. Back then, I barely noticed anything different about myself. Now I am more aware of more things. Back then, it was just a matter of having a habit of guessing what was going to happen, when. Now it is that, plus a whole lot more. I will start my experiences after fifth grade to definitely know I am remembering things clearly.

Just at the end of fifth grade, I got braces. I don't have a whole lot of info to back this up. But here it goes anyhow. I got braces. The day I got them, I had a habit of using the number two. I have this reference by a journal I kept back then. (it was mandatory by our teacher. Here's the rest. I got my braces off TWO years later. Yes, it does sound like a coincidence. I think that too.

More recently, I have become more aware of people's thoughts and emotions. When someone touches me, I get changes. My heart races and, in some cases, I get dizzy. It really, truly, scares me sometimes. About two months ago, I had a random scene of a strange sentence. I had no idea what it meant at the time, but I DID have a feeling it was something involving me being psychic.

"... Santa's bag."

That's all I remember from the vision. Then, just two weeks ago, my cousin was telling me about a stupid chain message that she got.

"It is now near Christmas and if you send this on to five people in the next three minutes, the thing you truly want will most definitely come out of Santa's bag."

We were in a car. In front of a Hess gas station, at night. The same position and time that I saw it those weeks before. I was scared to death and that's when I started realizing that I was really unique.

I don't know how to explain the following. But will list the other things that are happening recently anyway.

-strange dreams, where I can see, smell, think, and feel (usually pain) clearly

-instances where I don't feel at all like myself

-sensing what people are thinking

-how people are feeling at the time

This is the one that is the most frightening to me:

**being able to control peoples emotions. This has become more and more seen in my life. I have only been able to do this recently.

-when o am playing Ouija with my group of friends, it seems like we NEVER have trouble finding a spirit to talk with. This leads me to think that spirits and other "figures" are attracted to me.

Well, that's about it... Please comment and (if you can) tell what my gift is (if I actually have one) or I'm just plainly going bonkers.

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revsilverson (guest)
13 years ago (2010-01-16)
if you are afraid of anything dealing with the psychic world I would suggest you avoid it for now. When you have more experience under your belt you will see that your experiences are nothing to fear. Also you need to think- do I fear these things or does what I have read and heard make me fear these things? That is the key. When you realize that your fear has been created by others and not by you, then you can be open to the experiences of the psychic world.

Psychic shielding shouldn't exhaust you. I sense you are pushing out your energy to make a shield. Don't force it. Just envision it in your mind. The shape you use to cover yourself and the color of it and the way it projects energy is enough. Of course belief plays a major part in the successful shield also.

There are many sites about empaths on the internet. Choose one that is matter of fact and not overly sensational. Not everything published is truthful.

Love and Light...Always
_kArLeE_ (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-10)
revsilverson- I actually have looked into psychic shields. The bad part is, I am just beginning to realize what I can do. I have just started meditating (thanks btw, Mutantx, for the advice on that fact...) so I'm not really "trained", for lack of a better word. Where I am now, I have only tried to make a shield once, and that was before I started to meditate. It made me exhausted.

Another thing I have looked into is astral projection. I have read things about demons and being possessed and I'm not that afraid of them, despite some of the stories some people have told. Do you think I should stay away because of the fact that I don't have much control of my dreams?

After all that I have gone through (the energy awareness and all...) through the years, meditation has helped enormously, and I only started using in just two days ago! 😲

Does anyone know any websites that have any information on emapths? Mutantx, I have googled information on them and I indeed think that I possibly (not definite) might be one.

Thanks for the help... ❤ Karlee
revsilverson (guest)
13 years ago (2010-01-10)
you sound like a friendly, happy person so spirits would not be afraid of you. However you didn't give much info about "controlling peoples emotions." could be you project positive energy which others pick up on and change their mood or you may be doing this psychokinetically but I would need more info to make a decision on that. The santa's bag sounds like a deju vu moment which is actually precognition. When you sense what people are thinking do you ask them and verify that you are correct? That is important. Otherwise it could just be reading body language. The part about "feeling pain" in dreams has me bothered. You should always be in control of your dreams. Before you go to sleep tell yourself that you will be in control and not a victim and when things go bad in a dream just say "let me out".

Most importantly I would ask you to research psychic shielding and find a method you are comfortable with. This will keep negative energy away from you. Use it every morning and in stressful situations.

Love and Light... Always
Mutantx (2 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
you are an empath and if you are aware of others thoughts you are an telepath and if you see things in the future you have premonitions trust me I have the exact same thing you can also look it up on google. To practice controling the ability try meditating good luck

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