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Last Night


Last night I was awakened by a spirit who had passed. I saw him very clearly. He was next to where my husband was sleeping. I have been with my husband for almost four years now. This man seemed very disinclined to speak with me. Rather, he actually seemed perturbed that I had somehow interrupted him from communicating with my husband in his sleep, his unconscious. You see, my husband does show some promise of a small amount of psychic ability, though he does not encourage it or pursue it. Therefore, with this spirit knowing this, and not trusting me due to not knowing me in life, he felt he needed to "speak" with my husband. I believe that he wanted to give information about the circumstances surrounding his death, mostly

Those incidences leading up to this.

This night, as I had forgot to ask him during the daytime, I asked my husband if he could help me figure out who this person was/is. I described him in full detail, trying to leave nothing out as best I could. He was dressed in Khaki pants, a belt, dress shoes, sandy blond hair, a light blue dress shirt, button up with long sleeves, collar, lean/strong features, a few inches taller than my husband, seemed very confident, untrusting of me, determined, and focused, among many other things. He also seemed as if he was completely intentional in his choosing to speak with on the particular matter of import.

After I had described this man to my husband, he asked me if it could have been his friend let's just call him "D" for the sake of anyone else who may know of whom I am speaking. I kind of giggled to myself a little and said, "Only you would be able to tell me that. Remember, he didn't want to talk to me, only you.". My husband said that this was the only person he could possibly think it may have been. He also told me how he had passed and that it was in the early 1980's, I believe he said 1984, I'm not going to wake him up to ask him again! In 1984, I was SIX years old. My husband and I never met until I was 17 years and got together when I was 27/28. WOW, how the memories seem to fade! LOL.

I don't know if I should or not, as I try like the dickens not to talk to all the entities that enter my awareness (and there are many, not always formerly human either, but maybe I should try to help this guy and ask him to talk with me so that I could relay the message to my husband as I feel he was trying to capture my husband's subconcious (his dream state). The problem is for this man is that my husband very rarely remembers his dreams.

It may or may not sound like I have it together, but understand, this has been going on my entire life, though I effectively had it shut off at one time for a few years, NOT A GOOD IDEA! My problems are great as I would like to understand and hopefully receive help in all of the areas that seem to bombard me almost all the time.

Some issues I have are trying not to swear/yell at demons/others, including angels, that taunt/look over/visit me and my family, I have had "night terrors" since I can remember, the third eye, finding lost items, touching and knowing objects, extreme empathy, sensing others, seeing auras, having "spiritual battles" (even with a psychic from lilydale) VERY UNINTENTIONAL at a young age. I'll have to write that story later, very awkward! I honestly do not know all of the technical words/terms for these things that I have and probably will continue to do, but I DO know that I want to help. Weather that be myself, my family, or complete strangers, well, let's just say that whatever happens next, I'll probably now ask all of you for advice as I am new to other psychics and it could only be beneficial to hear and speak with you. The reason I am up is really two major reasons. Almost every night I am unsettled and do not want to fall asleep and be vulnerable to ANYTHING, and the other is that I have been searching a very long time as I am sure for all of you should really not need any other explanation than this.

On one last note, Oracle101, I believe, and correct me or guide me to the one who is please, that you are someone if not THE ONE who I have been led to who may truly be able to help me understand, etc... The many issues/gifts I am being bombarded with every night and day of my entire life. I feel as I am in two or more "realms/worlds" at once and I don't and never exactly have known what to do about this. I will be on again either tomorrow night or morning. Thank you to all.

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