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See Shapes And Hear Strange Voices


I'm 21 years old male and I'll make this quick. Growing up I have always seen awkward shapes and heard strange voices but was always under the impression I just have a very very active imagination, until almost 2 years ago.

The shapes started showing up very often as well as a lot of things that look like what the psychic community would call orbs. I than assumed maybe something was going on with my eyes or possibly my head (because vision can show signs of issues with the brain) but the doctor didn't think there was an issue so he send me for a few minor tests and said everything checked out which was a huge relief but at the same time a very confusing turn of event.

Through all of this and back as far as I can recall the voices have always shown up. Almost always when I'm in an environment of silence (laying in bed, reading a book, or browsing on the internet, hiking) The voices are 100% directed at me as if someone is either talking or whispering in my ear. These voices have never said anything demanding or anything to alter my mood and have cause zero interference. Normally is my name said sharply or "Here", but through the past 3-4 years they have been becoming more detailed. For example just last night while laying in bed petting my lab a quick whisper in my ear said to "choose the white one" I busted my butt to think of what that could mean or hold any relevance to and came up with nothing. That was the first time I have be told something like that from these voices, but they are always so sharp and loud that I can't help but turn my head to look.

I have no one close to me who can understand this and really just want to try and understand it for myself. It doesn't make me uncomfortable in the least bit I just want to know if something might actually be happening to me or if maybe something going on "upstairs"

Please help with some advice

- skeptic p.s. So much for making it quick sorry

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acadiannymph (4 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-18) just starting to deal with this... But it does get a lot easier after a while. At first every shadow I saw I pretty much freaked out. But after a while I realized that they werent there to hurt me and it was just me creating the fear. Don't get me wrong not all of them are good, but most of them either have something to say or are just there minding their own business. But the mirror thing has always freaked me out because I always expect their to be a shadow or a person in it... I'm actually still working on that. I also have a mom that I can talk to about things that go on, I'm pretty sure if I didin't have her I would be in a padded room right now lol... But if you don't have a parent or friend that can understand their are plenty of people here that are willing to help... And if you need any help at all you can e mail me on yahoo Acadiansyren [at] or msn acadiansyren [at] hope I helped. If you have anymore questions feel free to e mail or whatever is best. Have a nice day

ryesl (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-17)
acadiannymph I read your story and a lot of the things that you feel I'm going through. Especially the mirrors. How have you been working through this?
acadiannymph (4 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-17)
It is not just something going on "upstairs" for a while I thought I had an over active imagination aswell. I would see shadows and sometimes people out of the corner of my eye and I would look and they were gone.
The reason why the voices come when you are in an environment of silence is because your more in a relaxed state of mind and it is easier for their messages to come through. Its a lot easier then if you are completly busy because your mind is to busy to receive information.
I would sugest you read up on the stories here on mediumship, you might be able to identify wih some of them.

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