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Weird Things Happening To Me


When I was younger I was sensitive to spirits and ghosts. I even had a time where I was able to dream about things that were going to happen to me the next day or some time in the near future. It has been a while since I have felt it, and it is starting up again!

I don't know if I should be scared or welcome it. Just recently I have been waking up feeling if I'm being smashed. My legs can't move, I just don't feel them. I feel the pressure from my belly up. The first time it happened it felt like I was paralyzed. It happened the next night as well! The night after I had a dream of something running toward me with a growling scream. I have not slept well since. It has been two months since it last happened, and again it happened last night. I usually sleep on my arm but it has been paining me so I slept on my back, woke up feeling a relaxing feeling of my boyfriend laying next to me watching me sleep but when I tried to turn over to him I felt like being smashed again!

I know there are spirits around me I feel their presence. Some days it's calm and relaxing other days I feel like I'm being rushed, then others when all I feel like doing is screaming and yelling! I need help understanding what's going on as well help to make it stop or slow down!

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