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An Emotional Tragedy


I have this urge to post my story because this is out of the ordinary for me.

I have a fiance and his best friend of 4 years was to be married February 20, 2009. Just before the day of his wedding my fiance got a devastating phone call. The man who was to be married had passed due to Bacterial Meningitis. So instead of a wedding, we attended a funeral a week after his passing.

Now I have never met this man or his soon to be wife, but I instantly felt a heaviness in my heart for the woman. I cried for the loss of someone I never met. So when I did finally meet her, I instantly felt I had taken her pain from her and instilled it into my self.

Now it will be two weeks tomorrow since this devastating loss and I still feel her pain. My fiance and I have discussed this and we have come to believe that since the relationship and love we have for each other is similar to what his friend and her fiance had, that maybe it affects me because I can't bare to think of what it's like to lose my soul mate.

Now here is the crazy part...

I was writing an e-mail to this woman and as I was writing, I felt as if I was being taken over by someone else. I wrote certain things I did not understand and I think it spooked her because she has not responded to me yet... I know she has read it and for some reason I anticipate her reply. I believe I am a vessel to her soul mate and I am his way to communicate to her. I also have this strong desire to take her pain away just so she can feel some what better but his pain I feel is beginning to become unbearable and I would like advice on what to do to either dull it or make it go away. I have cried and cried and my heart feels like someone has put a weight that I can not carry. Should I be strong for this woman? And if I am feeling what she feels then what can I do to help her?

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Keiligh (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2010-11-16)
My fiance passed away last July 2010. We were teenage sweethearts and reunited after being apart for many years. Although my mom had met him 12 years ago, she did not really know him. When she came up to support me the day he passed away, she cried like I had never seen her. She still does. She cries for his mother too who lost her only child. I think it is a normal reaction to feel this way. We are all attracted to each other from a soul group point of view. It is no accident that you felt so connected to this couple. I had so many people that I had never met on Facebook write to me telling me how they cried for me. In the grand scheme of things, we are a part of the Oneness. It is a good idea to learn some psychic protection techniques that work for you.
Good luck:)
Athena_and_Kej (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-03-06)
WOW... I know what is going on here...

Most people are not aware that we form "Corded Attachments" to many people... Even to our Twin Flames... In life we can have more than one Twin Flame... This happened to me... I will not get into this subject but rather stick to the problem at hand...

Corded Attachments are normal... Please go to Google and type in "Cording and de-Cording" the entire article... Then go to the bottom and read "Covert" cording... This is done through the backside of the human body... In your fiancé's case her Twin Flame corded into her "Covertly" into her "Heart Chakra" area pulling at her heart strings and she has enormous compassion for this person... But the Heart felt sadness you and she is feeling is "Manipulated" via the "Covert Cording"... And Her Heart aches for this person but not without feeling some kind of sadness that won't go away. Your fiancé is feeling the emotions of the deceased Twin Flame... And you have been sucked into it too! Not that it is a bad thing but it is getting out of hand... These emotional cordings!

What can you do? Well I will tell you what... I usually charge to cut these cords... But since it is rather a very touching and unusual situation... I will do this work for you for free and I will send Him off to the Light where he should be instead of bothering you too!

I have to cut the cords and send the man off to Heaven... Send him to the Light... He cannot remain behind bothering his Twin Flame just because she moved on to you... You are the New Twin Flame of her life. I need to cut all of the emotions this man is placing in her Heart chakra covertly!... The entity Twin Soul of her twin flame connection is corded into "Your back" adjacent to your Heart Chakra "Covertly" too! This is why you feel so profoundly affected also... You feel what your fiancé is feeling. So I will have to cut the cords there also... So you all can have a fresh start!

I need a picture of her... And you need to contact me at: - look for June S.

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