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Boston Tragedy Vision


I will keep this brief. I have had visions for many, many years and I am glad there is a place to post information like this.

For more than 3 weeks I have had a vision of a bombing or shooting happening at a marathon. I thought it was about the Memorial Marathon in Oklahoma City later this month. I have a nephew that is participating, and I was very concerned about his safety. When the tragedy happened in Boston, the visions started coming in faster than I could write them down. I am still unsure if this vision is about the Boston event, but I will share what I "saw".

The name Paul came first. Don't know if this is his name.

This is someone from the area and I actually saw him getting off a bus.

He was worried about the checkout girl who looked at him funny when he purchased the contents inside the pressure cooker.

He plans on doing this again, but he needs more money to purchase the next bomb.

He has a family member in the military, and this is a trigger for him.

He asked a friend for help with a project and they turned him down. Someone he knows (a girl) has already told an authority about her concerns about him. He is discussing the incident online, and wants so bad to tell someone what he did. The word Patriot is a hot trigger for him as well. (Found out later that Boston was celebrating Patriot Day)

I saw him going into a home or building with a slight slope from the front door.

Sorry this is not in any specific order. I think the authorities will catch him, and I think they already know who he is.

Prayers go out to the innocent victims of this tragedy. Saying lots of prayers that the Memorial Marathon in OKC runs smoothly.

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