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Yellow Cadillac?


A few years back, my husband, sister in law, and I had a long day of discussing my mother in law, Debbie (we'll call her). She is an alcoholic, yet the family really keeps quiet about the problem. Since Debbie's mom had died a few years before that from alcoholism herself, the conversation was extremely sad and tense and emotionally charged. We felt like we were the only ones that could save her, and we had to figure out how.

Later that night, I was laying in bed, sort of back and forth from reflecting on the day and just staring at the wall. All of a sudden, I had a buzz in my right ear. It was almost like a bee just hovering there, or kind of like when your fingers are dry enough that when you rub them together you can make a buzz noise. It was enough that I literally pulled away from it and gently jerked my head to the left.

Immediately, there was a sphere in front of me- about a foot in diameter. Here's what's hard to explain, though. I didn't SEE it, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it- it just WAS. I can't explain what it looked like, because it wasn't visual. I just knew it was there. A ball about a foot in front of my face.

Just as quickly, ideas were put into the sphere. I say "ideas," but it was as if someone was just going, you're going to think THIS now! And now THIS! And these ideas were IN the sphere, if you will.

The ideas went, "Nanny" "Blue Hair" "Yellow Cadillac." And then it was gone. I guess sort of knew what was going on, but I just sat there for a few minutes not only trying to process it all, but hoping it would start again...

I finally answered my husband, who had by now noticed something was up and was trying to get me to talk. I knew beforehand that his grandmother was called "nanny" by his family. I had even met her briefly before she died, so I was very familiar with the term. So I asked him, "Did Nanny drive a yellow Cadillac?"

And he answered "yes."

"But she didn't have blue hair, did she?"


Hmmmm. After some more talking to him, he informed me that Nanny had had that yellow caddy many years back, before I knew his family, but that it was sort of her "signature car." He also surmised that I MUST have seen a picture of her with it, and that's how I knew. (He has still not been able to find a picture in any family books, BTW.:)

The next morning, I went out and woke up his sister from the couch. First thing I said was "What kind of car did Nanny drive?"

"Yellow Cadillac!" she said proudly.

I then repeated the same question as I had posed to my husband the night before, "But she didn't have blue hair did she?"

"No, but her MOTHER did!"

I haven't had an experience like this again in my life, but I'm now willing to take the steps to learn how to cultivate any gift I have. I can only think that "Nanny" came through to me, just trying to tell us she (and her mother) were there the whole time and knew what we were going through.

The odd thing is, this is probably the most profound thing that has ever happened to me, if only because it has really shed some light on to what else is out there. I don't have to put faith in others guesses- I know from my own experience that there IS something else. On the other hand, I feel more alone as many people write it off as my "mind playing tricks on me," or are so caught up in their organized religion, that anything different must be the "devil trying to trick me." (kid you not.) : (

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Athena_and_Kej (23 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-09)
I will share what I wrote today to my group... About excessive drinking etc. And then I want you to figure out why you were all emotionally charged up! Here goes...

Does a Dragon Run your Life?

Some people would argue they don't have a Dragon... "Fair enough assessment!"...But perhaps it belongs to someone else you know! You see for a long time I have been exposed to all kinds of Dragon energies since I was growing up as a teen... I never saw it for what it really was except it had my mother smoking two packs of "Smoking Sticks" a day! Yes then my girlfriend's parents drank lot's of "Fire Water" which caused fierce behavior (sound like anyone you know?)... And then my brother who also indulged in "Hot Sex consistently" got his girlfriend pregnant but refused to be the daddy! Then there was my younger sister and brother that started the "Smoking Stick" thing... Come to mention it everyone in my family of 8 people living under one roof was "Smoking Sticks" except for me! Some were smoking cigars... Some were smoking cigarettes and then a couple of others were smoking POT! My dad early on was drinking the "Fire Water" when he was in the Coast Guard... But as soon as he retired... That all stopped! Guess he lost his Dragon! My mother on the other-hand along with the "Fire Sticks" was always angry with about something and with it "Breathing Fire" about nothing and spewing "Flaming Words" of discontent with pretty much all of us who did not share her Dragon's philosophy! Often I would see "Dragon's Smoke" steaming out of her nose!

Perhaps many of you have seen this kind of stuff happening around your house or at work... People acting Like the "Dragon Lady" or the man who has the "Dragon Energies" oversouling when he in a Karate tournament! Or all those smokers who can't seem to quit and they wreak of the "Dragon Smoke" on their clothes... In their skin... Coming out of their mouths!

Just thought I would paint a fine picture of who the Dragons affect and how they go about doing it... Oh and I forgot to mention the CHI energies found in chinese medicine and Yoga that has the CHI flowing through it... These things are real eye openers to those who are influenced greatly by the Dragon. The thing you have to realize is at what point it is dangerous to be around a Dragon? Look at the Mafia and see how Dragon's influence life and death... Look at the gangs in your town or city that are influenced by the Dragon energies... And wonder how close is all of this too you? You could be married to a person influenced by not just one Dragon but many...

Just know you can do something about it!

Feel Free to share with everyone!

Athena and Kej

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