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Precognition And Premonition


My names' April

It all started when I was just a kid. I had a dream that my brother forgot his school book. As I was peeling a banana over the trash can. When he came up and asked me if I had mine if he could borrow it I said yes. I woke up a week later it happened for real ever thing right down to peeling the banana.

Then has I got older my nightmares started coming true. I had a dream I was visiting my mother in the hospital her heart was laying on the table then she turned in to my husband my mother had been gone for three years I woke up crying. I told my husband what I dreamed he said will get throw it he knew. To that something was going to happen, I had told him my dreams and he had seen first hand a few days to weeks later what I wort in my dream diary had come true.

So he went to his doctor for a check up to easy my mind but. Two days later he had open heart surgery, And his surgeon said I'm the one who had your husbands heart on the table. So now I don't even right them down I don't even tell any one. But they still come true. Just a few months ago I dreamed my husband went back in to the hospital, to have heart surgery again and just last month he had a pacemaker put in. His surgeon said he was the youngest one he has ever had to do so many surgeries ON.

I just wish I could learn how to control it better.

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pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-10)
I have the same problems with precognition and premonitions. They come to me in my dreams. I'm told this is the most common. I don't mind it but it is frustrating not knowing how to control it. I wish I knew how to be more aware of the dream as it is happening so I can make it last longer.
If you ever get a handle on this, please share, lol.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-09)
motheroftr. Control precog/premonitions
You've mentioned is coming through dreams.

Studing Dream control and remote viewing would be helpful.
I believe AnneV the moderater has written may has spoken of remote viewing.

Guided meditation in visualization will be utilizing all of the 5 senses.
If you close eyes and just watch your breath release. This type of breath pattern will make the mind relax and allow the mind to sit as an observer.

The idea of precognitive is to view future events. The truth is that in network of time maps there are no nouns of past/present/future.
If you truly understand this you will be able to sit as an observer and intervene before the precognitive event manifests.

You'll need to seek knowledge to reprogram your mind to align with this understanding.


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