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Clairaudience - She Said Hello


I came home on Friday night, late-ish, like a I normally do. My flatmate was asleep already, so I turned on the lights, walked to my room, and put down my laptop bag. It was very quiet in the house, and I tried to make as little noise as possible, as not to wake my flatmate. Just when I started taking my camera bag off my shoulder I heard a friendly girl's voice say "Hello".

I immediately thought it was my flatmate that was awake, and walk to the door wanting to greet her. I said 'hi, are you awa..." I stopped in mid sentence.

There was no one there.

I went cold immediately and realized what just happened. Phoned my neighbor and went over there, just to gain perspective. This was my first clairaudient experience, although I dream a lot of dreams that tend to become true. I have dreamt dreams of accidents close friends and families were in, and they all came true. I have had intuitive dreams, especially one recurring one where my best friend gets hit by a car that skips a traffic light. I phoned her all of the times it happened, and asked her to please just stay at the traffic light those mornings, for just a while when they go green. On both occasions a car skipped the crossing.

This is the first time that I have actually heard someone speaking to me, and I know I'm not going mad, as that was my first thought!

How do I develop clairaudience, and how do I protect myself throughout development?

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Blaine (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-11)
Thanks all! This is great advice - really do appreciate it, and will keep you all in the loop when it happens again:) Blessed day!
mysticn (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
i'm also clairaudient. Next time, try not to be fearful of this. I know you were caught off guard, but perhaps trying to carry on a conversation with whomever you are hearing, will also help you to become more comfortable with it.

Also, try talking to your deceased family and friends, and ask them to respond. Before you know it, you'll hear them answering you too. Maybe you will also develop other abilities.

As to protect yourself. When you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, you can do a few things--

1. Ask your guides to watch over you and protect you. Not allow any evil or low energy to hurt you or your surroundings.

Before getting out of bed in teh morning, thank your guides for protecting you. Also, envision them pouring a bright light of yellow or white over you--starting at your head and down to your feet and beyond. This is a protective 'bubble' of light that evil or ill-intentioned spirits won't be able to penetrate.

Getting out of bed--plant your feet firmly on teh ground, and imagine roots attaching them to the ground for a minute. Take a few deep breaths and feel relaxed and great about facing the day.

2. Make sure to ground yourself. This is what the root thing from your feet is as well--grounding. This can even be done by eating things of the earth- such as fresh foods grown from the earth. Also, drinking milk helps. Sounds odd, but it helps a lot!

3. Meditate. Even if for only 5 minute a day. Anyone can meditate. No big secret do doing it. If you think this means just sitting still and reciting "OHHHMMM" no! Not at all. It can just be sitting still and listening to your fav music, and only that. Getting 'lost' into any activity can be meditating. Taking a nice long bath where you just relax, or a shower--where you forget everything else - if only for a few minutes. All this is a type of meditation.

Very good for the soul! When you are leaving for work, be sure to walk out that door and stand still for a moment in the fresh air. Even if living in a city. Look around you and take in the trees, the sky and everything. Take a few deep breaths and release it. Enjoy the feeling of the day and the nature! Say hello to the birds, squirrels, whatever is out there! The trees even! (you can do so silently)

Deep breathing. This is so good to do, whenever you can. In through your nose and release through your mouth. Very deep--and it will feel so good!

Read books on this subject too. It'll help you to realize this gift is not to be feared. It really will help.

I try to do this every morning and again at night, and also frequently through out the day.
drama_chick443 (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-09)
I am also clairaudient. You can develop things just out of the blue. Many of my ablities happened like that. It can be a useful skill.:)

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