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I Need To Learn How Too Get Help From A Ghost


Hello, my name is Adrien. My story has not yet finished. So far it all started when my friend died when I was in preschool. A few days after his funeral I had a dream where he was talking to me, saying that I needed to tell his mom he loved her and that I need too remember the letter A. An hour before 9-11 I woke up crying telling my mom that there are people in the building who can't get out. The plane is flying towards it and they will die if they don't get out. An hour later my uncle called my mom to turn on the T.V. And she watched 9-11. I have had visions and seen ghosts my entire life since my friend died. Now I just told my best friend that I see these things. A day after I told him I've seen so many more things since then. I saw a ghoul That tried too kill me but I was able to get away. We found a tree with a bunch of the same birds in it. But it was strange too see so many of these kind in the winter. We also noticed they were the size of a turkey which is unnatural. When I threw a rock under the tree all of the attacked it and flung it away when they saw what it actually was. Now we have found a house that I've never seen in my neighborhood in my life yet it was a old looking one. We also found a small forest where I've been attacked by birds and nearly drowned in a small stream by them. And also met a vampire who tried too kill me and this hole time I see a old man in the old house who seems too be muttering words that I've never seen before. Some one help me I don't want too die and I don't want my neighborhood to be taken over by a lich. So please someone tell me how to fight the lich.

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bellatrix (2 stories) (17 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
Are you serious? That is totally SALAMI (my awesome word) not the trying to kill you part but the rest of it. Vampire aye, well there's times when you need to take evasive action them leeches only care about 2 things, Territory and Survival...
Start by seeing a priest not the every day priest I mean I really into it kind of priest tell him/her what you saw the ask if you can get a regular amount of holy water you know stuff vampires don't like or maybe that don't work? Ask them to go with you to the den of the leech with you!
Well make yourself a stake I have one!
Ghosts... I sarted seeing them when I was 7 when my grandad died (I saw him everyday)
Vampire? Girl? Or Boy?
Maybe that will help me define what they want!

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