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Too Many Coincidences


I am new to this website and I think it is nice to know that there are people around my age who have psychic abilities. Since I was 13 I always wanted to be psychic tell the future and all the other things that came along the lines of that. Now I'm 17 and for 4 years I tried lucid dreaming (which was successful once) astral projection, telepathy, and telekinesis. Overall I never got anywhere but just continued trying.

But recently I been getting a series of coincidences. One day I was at home and I just thought of a friend of my mother thinking, "She hasn't called for so long I wonder what's up?". So I continued on with my day as usual then around 8 in the evening the woman called my mother saying she hasn't called in so long. My mom told me about it and I wanted to tell her that I was thinking about her today (my mother doesn't believe in anything psychic she thinks its evil or magic and she hates that stuff) but decided I wasn't going to tell her because it was just a coincidence. For almost three months I have been having these coincidences but I ignored them thinking its just a coincidence.

But a few weeks ago I was sitting in my room it was in the afternoon it was a Sunday so the maid didn't come she had to go to church. But she was going to come on Monday so I was just thinking "the maid was working for 2 weeks straight shes probably not going to come tomorrow she needs a break". The next day she didn't come. I was shocked thinking I was having to many coincidences happen. Then a few days ago I thought about another one of my moms friends I thought that woman hasn't called for a while wonder how shes doing, then a few hours passed and she called. I was like "omg" it was unbelievable how many coincidence I had in less than 3 months. Then just yesterday I was in my reading class and I just thought I bet the teacher is going to pick me next" and what do you know he picks me. I was so used to the "coincidences" that just when the thought popped into my head I started reading the next paragraph so I wouldn't make any mistakes because I was so sure I was going to read next. I also have been having so many deja vu's lately. It happened almost 7 times in February alone and before I would have deja vu once every 2 months or so. So does this mean that I have some psychic ability and how can I control it because it just comes anytime. Is being psychic hereditary? Because as much as my mom hates this stuff I think she has precognition because every time something bad happens in our lives she cries and says "I saw that in a dream". My mom believes if you have a bad dream you should never say it or it will come true. She told she has had over 40 something dreams that come true. My mom also has like this sixth sense. She has a feeling of something bad before it happens. Like this one time a relative of ours came to visit and the moment she saw him she said I have a bad feeling about this man. It ended up he put a virus in our computer that nearly shut it down completely. Could some of my moms ability have passed on to me somehow?

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Elevated (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-24)
hopefully I can clear some things up for you...

There is no explanation on how to deal with it you have to figure it out on your own... We all have these abiltys but depending on how old your soul is and how much your soul is corrupted by your ego, defines how much you will be exposed to this devine purpose as you are chosen to be a messenger...

The spirit world is the real world and earth is a playing field we come here to expierence being mortal... Basicly we come here to deal with fear...

The goosebumbs come because your souls is vibrating on a very high level. (law of atracktion) and this can feel very nice but can also hurt very much when receiving vibrations and energy, you might want to google "kundalini" you will probaly find and explanation of what you are going thru...

I still every day think to myself, that I make it all up in my head... But then like you also say it happens to often. And as extra is that I can sence and see the energy of spirits.

I used to be an atheist... Very sceptical

But if you put evolution and religion together you get a lot more answers...

Evolution is how, and god is why, and we are god.

Confussing I know... Just try to separate your soul from your ego and things will make more sence.

Hope it helped
DeltaFoxtrotA1 (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
I am totally with you on that one, we need some explanation on how to control this. I had recently submitted a story today, here it is:

Im currently 21 years of age and since the age of id say around 18, I started noticing an extreme amount of deja-vu. To be exact, I could think about things, and time after time after time I would get signs of that one thing I had thought of, or talked about. I have heard of others talking about how they just had deja vu the other day, but I seriously have it in an exteme multitudes. I'm talking about sometimes 10 to 15 times IN A DAY! At first I just shook it off and ignored it, thought it just was coincidence. But how could it be coincidence if its been happening for years? Id like to believe that I do have a special ability, but I don't seem to be able to control this. Sometimes, I accurately predict results of a situation or something I want to know. But ofcourse, it doesn't always work. I'm not too sure about this ability, if its just me makin it up in my head, or is this really something I can develop? Also something that has me confused, is the goosebumps, I get goosebumps all of over my body, even my face if the energy I'm feeling is strong enough and it happens at random times and feels like I'm sensing something but I just don't know what.

If anyone can help me with this, it would make my life easier to understand. I'm soo confused its seriously puttin a huge level of stress in my life. Please help

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