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I'm 14 and all my life I've had different experiences and now I'm trying to start to develop them. Here I'll mention some things that have happened lately.

I saw my first aura the other day. After a bit of researching I decided to give it a go and I picked up on it straight away. I can now see two colours when I look for awhile at my hands. I'm trying to see them round other people who don't know I'm doing it, over time will I improve?

The main reason I joined this site was to discuss something that happened to me; now over 3 months ago. It was night time and I was watching t.v with my family. And out of the corner of my eye I saw an orb, but at the time it looked like a flashlight on the other side of the door. There were no lights turned on and pretty much pitch black. I automatically got a worried gut feeling and nervousness. I called someone else to look and the orb flew off. About half an hour later it came back and again and when I indicated for someone to look again it was gone before anyone could see it. This orb's colour was blue. A few weeks later when I had pretty much forgot about the orb I was sleeping on the sofa since I had nodded off. I woke to our cat scratching the door to be let in. All my family were looking at the door at the time yet I was the only one who saw on the other side the orb it looked the same size except this time it was white, circling the door handle. Trying to let my cat in? I haven't seen it from that day and I still don't know why it showed and only let me see it.

Also does anyone know any good truthful sites that will help me learn something like psychokinesis or hydrokinesis. Since I am really interested in that sort of thing and would love to learn it. When I was younger I used to tell a huge tree at my school to shake by the wind and it did. Over and over again when I told it too but I'm not sure if it was just my imagination. I've also attempted telekinesis and I keep focusing hard, but now I'm having trouble since all I see are aura's around it and it's distracting!

Does anyone know any techniques too? Ones that I could do in the comfort of my own home? That would help me improve controlling the wind or water? Oh and how does earth work, I really can't think.

Thank you all for reading. Xxx

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AdelexXx (5 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-08)
Thankyou all for responding I'm really grateful. I'm also really glad I've found this site it's a great help. I think I will try meditation but I always have trouble finding a comfortable place, mostly because my family and also if I'm in a room alone... I don't feel alone. I think there's an annoying presence that 'visits' my home. Would it help if I meditated somewhere outside; in nature?
I've attempted the psi wheel before, thanks fossilera for some of the tips and I will practice more!😁

Stark thanks for the advice, I can be a little bit impatient. One step at a time. I watched the video you sent in the link and I'll give it a go, it seems really interesting and helpful. Also what do you mean by reconnecting with your higher self? (I'm new to this sorry)
Stark (2 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-08)
oh and I think reconnecting with your higher self would be beneficial in the learning process.
Stark (2 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-08)
well, for one you can start putting meditation in your daily routine. Then you should learn how to charge and while in your "sleep" state you should learn to astral project. YOUR NOT GONNA GET ANYWHERE IF YOU START WITH SOMETHING LIKE ELEMENT MANIPULATION. You gotta lean the fundamentals first. I mean if you learned how to throw a fire ball what's going to keep you from killing someone in a angry mood. You must learn self control first but seeing as your still a child I can see your eagerness.

Here's a simple astral projection technique.

Baby steps youngling... Baby steps.
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-07)
Before using any techniques, I'd advise looking up a simple form of meditation, as this will help you get in the state of mind, as well as show you how much concentration you need to work with an x-kinesis ability.

NOTE: I call them x-kinesis abilities because they all are basically the same thing: Telekinesis (psychokinesis).

Once you have a grasp on meditation (or already know how to do it properly), you can try the method below:

Method 1: Psi-Wheel

1: look up the psi-wheel design. Although it can be made in any shape, the common one looks like a pinwheel, or a star.

For the common design used, take a look here:

In addition to the design you want to use, you will also need an object that has a fine/sharp point (such as a sewing needle, paperclip, thumbtack, or even a sharpened pencil), a base of some kind (like a cork, bottle cap, piece of strong cardboard, etc...), and a glass container.

2: To make the base which will hold the psi-wheel, all you need to do is figure out how to have the pointed object sit straight up (like a flagpole).

What I did was I heated up a sewing needle with a candle-flame, and pressed it through the bottom of a bottle cap.

NOTE: I did this outside, and away from any hazardous material; There are simpler ways of doing it.

3: To finish the psi-wheel. Simple place the design on the tip of the pointed object. It should be able to spin freely.

4: If you left the design "as is", meaning out, there are a lot of factors that could determine whether or not the psi-wheel will spin.

For example, if you try to use it like everyone tends to (place hands on either side of it and concentrate), your hands are actually creating a current by heating up the air around the psi-wheel. Also, because the wheel is so sensitive to air currents, even your breath could actually cause it to move.

The Solution to these problems: Place a clear glass bowl or jar over the psi-wheel, preferably one that completely touches the bottom of the table, and yet still doesn't crush the psi-wheel.

The reason you want to cover the psi-wheel is a threefold effect: It protects against wind currents (best way is to check with a hair-dryer; if you can use the blow dryer without the psi-wheel moving, then the glass bowl will do), It also protects against any thermal effects (such as the heat being generated from your hands), and finally, if you can rotate the psi-wheel under the glass bowl, then there's a 99.8% chance you are doing it with your own ability.

The fun part with this method is it doesn't require any expensive parts, and you can do it wherever, be it just laying in bed or sitting in your favorite chair.

Final Advice:
-Don't get disappointed if you don't have results immediately. For some people, this will take weeks to master; for others it may take a lifetime.

-Sometimes the best methods are those that you can come up with yourself. Also, tools like meditation (and the methods of course), are only like the training wheels on a bike, and not a "cure all".

-Probably the most important: Practice, Practice, Practice.

Arrow (2 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-07)
The orb was a spirit... I'm almost sure of it. And I say that because it was trying to inteact with your cat... If you see it again and your alone try and say something to it.
Iulie (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-07)
I didn't think there was anyone my age on this site. I'm sorry that you saw something making you nervous. It must have frightening. What I think vhsgirlroc was referring to was the moon's gravitational pull of the water. Maybe the orb represents the moon, so you might have some sort of hydrokinesis? Good luck!
vhsgirlroc (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-07)
I don't have any Technique's I'm new at this to. Most of my visions are helpful, except this one. I saw a dictionary page it had something to do with the moon and water. I think I'm supposed to help some one tho.I'm also a bit empathic and can see orbs I also can sense things. I herd meditation helps.

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