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Was This Empathy? Or Something Else?


Lately, my cat has been in pain, she will suddenly break out in a coughing fit, and will appear to be retching, after a few minutes this will stop and she will be fine. Well this has been distressing me a lot lately.

The other day I was in my room, and my cat came out and allowed to me stroke her, I used this opportunity to grab my crystal wand to see if I felt any pulses to indicate where she was in pain (I've used this method before as I read about it awhile ago). I read awhile ago that crystal wands can be used to 'sweep' through ones aura, and the person using the wand can 'feel' if this is a blockage or something or other there. I feel like my fingers pulse, like a heart beat whenever I am in an area that is in pain.

This wasn't the strange thing, once I attempted this my cat started to retch like usual. I felt sympathetic so I gently stroked/rubbed her neck and shoulders. I was doing this for a short time before I got some stabbing pains in my neck. It felt as if my neck started to tighten, go cold and ache. It also affected my jaw. I stopped stroking my cat and tried to focus on breathing, it took a couple of minutes to return to normal, even so, my neck still felt tender for the rest of the night.

I have never felt any pain like this before and it came so sudden. I was wondering if this is anything to do with empathy, although I have never experienced any emphatic abilities before hand, though I have experienced precognition. Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear your thoughts on what this was.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-16)
AdelexXx if one can sense pain on the patient it is referred to as Mirroring.

Now the odd thing is Cats have a normal tendency
To pull stress of the owner to themself.
If a cat goes out door's they can regenerate and
Release the stress they pulled to themselves
To help their owner.

If one is an empathy there are scenarios that the
Sensative empathetic healer can pull an illness to themself. This used to be called Magnetic healing.
The healer experienced a loss of energy and would
Want to take a nap. Upon awakening they would be
Refreshed. There were healers which was a occurance in England around the 1960's.

If you find this occuring it would be wise to
Visualize a color around you before healing.
This serves as a barrier and does not affect
Your ability to sense or interprete.

If you are an Empath Healer you would always
Have to bear in mind. That not only is protection
Necessary but also a state of mind: to be objective!
As Empathy healers can easily take illness's to themself but do have problems continuing healing.
The whole energy scenario depeletes them and can
Take days to regain composure.

In the whole spectrum of healing one has to aim to
Drain, clear, balance, pull off spirit attachments,
Do chakra balancing as well as other items.

The Anatomy of pets is different to people.
For instance Dogs have a Governing Vessel:which
Means this one particular spot affects everything.

If this occures again!
Just say, "If it is not mine", I release it with
Love in light.

There is a good book for animal healers.
Hands-on Healing for Pets
By Margarit Coates

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