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I have been reading stories about air bending and firestarting and all that. Let me tell you from my own experience that there are powers that everyone is capable of once in a while. States of extreme emotion can indeed influence the things around us and a strong will can also cause disturbances. Most of us forget the fact that we are part of this world and our existence is inalienable. It is like when you move the head the neck turns and some muscles in the chest and the back work too. The same way when a person reacts in a forceful manner the elements around him which he is connected to start reacting.

Wind can be a friend to most because it is air that gives life and reason for our life. Since it is the life force wind feels a needs to connect favourably. Since we are as much of wind as the wind outside the wind outside feels a sense of comradeship with us. So when you try to identify the wind around us and try to connect with it, wind responds. Wind is not to be controlled. It is not like controlling a dog. Even a dog cannot be made to bark at will. You need to show love and urge it to do. If you try to insult win or to shout at it you will have a very stubborn wind that would refuse to work for you. Most often these experiences are co-incidental. You only notice these things because you start identifying the happenings around you. These things are happening to people all the time and to everyone. If you cry and the next day it rains don't forget how many thousands of others may have cried on the same day without knowing that they too may have affected the weather.

It is interesting to know that most people love these powers without actually knowing that the power is only with God and sometimes as children of God we just are allowed to exercise it at his pleasure.

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Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-14)
Hmm interesting thoughts, firstarter. I admit that I've had trouble believing people whom say that they can control elements and the weather--but when we remember that we are all connected, well, I do believe that our thoughts are very powerful, and we can't know how we affect the world collectively and to what extent by what we say, think and do.

However this may work, I think that our thoughts, words and actions have created the world that we live in today, the question is: do we like what we see? We can't change the world on our own, but we can change ourselves and hope that more people will follow.

Thankyou for your insight, I think it was needed

Blessed be

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