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I'm Dreaming In My Dream? Weird?


During the old times, when our family was in danger, we were isolated and learned not to deal with strange people. One night as me and my sister lying in bed, I dream that my teeth were pulled off away from gums, I lost all my teeth and suddenly my sister and I who suddenly became part in the picture of my dream wake up in my dream and told me that she also has a dream the same as mine and I told her also that really.

And finally, as I wake up from that dream in which I dream inside my dream, I told my sister that I dream stuffs like that and all of the sudden she told me also that she dreamed also the same stuff like with the pulling of teeth. And that morning was a rerun of dream.

I left the room and told her, I dream that you dream the same dream as mine and It took me a little while to absorb that experience of mine. Because its totally horrible.

Another separate experience:

My next experience, I dream that our teacher will announce the class honor rolls and my teacher mentioned me that I'm the seventh honor. And as I wake up that day, prepared stuff for school, the moment I entered the room, my teacher is on the heights of announcing the list of achievers, I sit and listened and as the countdown goes down to seven, I crossed my finger and I keep on No. And out of the blue, my name was mentioned and I was horrified and in disbelief in saying that, its my dream last night.

Weird, Weird!

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