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Seeing What Will Happen While Dreaming


My name is Kaitlin. I can't remember when I started seeing things. Though I remember, seeing my first big experience. I had just turned 12. When I went to sleep that night. I started seeing pictures, and images of things. For instance:furniture, mirrors, flowers, and other faces. I haven't met before, or don't remember meeting. I knew it was all in one building. These images kept appearing not every night, but occasionally. One night, I saw myself in the mirror wearing a black dress with white lilies. My eyes were red from crying. I thought these were just dreams. Everyone I knew, was healthy, and alive. My grandmother Katie, survived a drunk driver accident, along with my grandfather. She had a severe broken leg. Though they made it alive and okay.

It was spring break, and my grandparents were taking my family to Disney world. My grandmother didn't fully recover, though she was walking. My whole life I knew she wouldn't go down without a fight. Strong, stubborn, and temperamental. She was a very superstitious woman. She was afraid of crows, or anything that represented death. Same as her mother, and my great, great grandmother. My mom on the other hand could care less. Few months later, the images came more often. I started to see other things beside, the one place I been seeing. I started see books, and certain cartoons, people.

Then I started seeing a coffin, I couldn't see the figure in it. Then my grandmother was put in the hospital. My mom couldn't talk to me about it. She said she would be out soon. Every night the same pictures came to me before. On September 13 she died. My mom bought me the dress, I seen myself crying in. But for some reason I didn't cry at all until the service. Everything, pieced together, at the funeral service. The pictures paintings,furniture.I was shocked, I could barely speak. I actually told my great aunt cherry about these things. She was my grandma's older sister. She said the same thing actually happened to her. She saw her husband in a daydream coming in with a broken arm and bloody face, after he came back from work.

Sometimes I still see things, every once in a while. I see a picture, or a cartoon, or a,etc.But hardly any more. Last week... I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Three days ago my uncle dude died. But I wasn't there for his funeral, and I haven't seen him, in more then a year. Now my little brother is started seeing things, but its different. He will hear it.

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epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-21)
You do have precognitive ability. Sometimes I am dreaming of floating white coffins with a dead man who wears a dress for the dead inside it. I had dreamed of the world cup tournament 2010 showing me that spain football team had won and an octopus inside an aquarium.
Xyna12 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-07-21)
You are haveing precognitions. And it now seems so is your brother, as long as they are in his dreams.
If you wnat to keep you ability, its best to meditate.

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