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Ever since I can remember I have been able to sense certain things. I can feel when there is a negative or evil presence in a room, I know who's calling before I pick up the phone, I often see shadows, lights and other shapes for very brief moments of time, I also see number sequences that appear three times on different objects as if it's a message for me and I used to ignore all of it until recently.

I came in contact with a man, whom I am now dating and feel I have a twin flame or soul mate connection to. In talking to him I have realized he has experienced all of the same things that I have growing up. Since I met him I can tell that I have been getting stronger. Strange things happen when we are together and I have feelings of Deja Vu at least once a week. Some examples would be, I can say what he's going to say before he says it and do it word for word. He can focus on something and I hear it clearly in my head and vice versa.

One time he spilled his drink and I moved out of the way right before it spilled. My main purpose of being here is to try and find out what this could be. The strangest part of this is what I'm about to tell you now. At night when we sleep and our bodies are touching we are both jolted out of sleep by a force zapping through our body. This happens to us at the same time and we both wake up startled. Sometimes when we awaken we can feel a negative presence in the room, so close it's as though its floating right over us. We don't always get this feeling when it happens and one time we weren't even asleep yet when we were jolted.

Has anyone had a similar experience like this? I feel like something is trying to communicate with us, but neither one of us is in tune enough to get any clarity on it. Any insight?

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I love dogsI (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-16)
This morning I heard a noise I thought, looked up from my pillow and there stood a man in a white shirt and red pants, He was staring at me, I was so terrified that I sunk my head into the pillow. This vizion had gone when I looked again, I now wonder if it was the spirit of my best friend come for one more visit. He died in January
These visions have occurred before, my grandmother, my son killed in Vietnam. No others though granny used to be in the large mirror it seemed as a shadow, sometimes I feel he(my son) is still around, things lost suddenly are found. For no valid, reason.
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-10-06)
have you seen anything or do you just think there is something there. I have experienced loads in this house so I know that the house is haunted and ghosts and spirits are here. I have seen a few ghosts and heard one. I have had one communicating with my hand and arm. I have wrote stories on things which have happened and that mostly in my house. I have been through loads this year.
I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😊

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