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Psi Vampire, Shivers, Memories


Lets make my introduction nice and quick my name is Hanah I'm thirteen years old and I can see, hear, communicate with spirits. I have never tried to communicate with spirits before but they have with me I tend to ignore them, besides that I can see auras and sense energy, I'm a little empath.

I believe I might be a psi vampire, I looked it up and everything seems to match up, I accept this and want to develop further in what I can do. My mom can see and hear spirits also and my sister says she has visions, though I don't have that ability I did have a dream that came true. The dream I had was my eldest brother stealing or taking my parents car and later on it happened. My dad does not believe in it and neither does my eldest brother but my other brother does and has seen a spirit in our house.

I remember that ever since I was little we had ghosts in every house we lived in. And at first I was scared but only a few years ago did I actually except it. I find it amazing how people have spirit guides and I was wondering how do I meet mine, I know people say spirit guides will come to you but is there any other way, I would appreciate any advice

There is one thing that happens to me that I can't really explain and that is through the day when I'm walking sitting or doing something it is like I'm frozen for a second. Let me explain I would be walking, or doing something like that and out of nowhere I get this rush of shivers when I'm not cold or anything and they don't feel cold or hot. It surges through my whole body, it makes me gasp and forces my head up, to look at the sky and it only happens for a second and then I can move again. If anyone has any ideas what this is it would be of big help to comment on it.

I am going to return to the subject of psi vampire for a minute. I recieve energy when I'm around someone or when I talk and by touch. Some people tell me they feel drained or all of a sudden tired when I'm near them or talk, so I think I might be taking energy without knowing it so if anyone can help with that I would grateful.

I was also wondering about astral projection which I have tried but failed. I really want to do it, I'm hoping I can meet my spirit guide there. I think I could increase my abilities more.

There is this question in my head I was wondering about, is it possible to have someone eleses memories. My grandma and mom say that my sister would say that her body may be here at night but her soul was not and I would remember me saying that, that I was there but I asked my sister and she said it was her. There was also a different memory when I was little that I thought was mine. I asked everyone and they said it was my sister and I asked my sister and she said it was her. The memory this time was her looking out the window saying she wanted to be free and asked my grandma if she would help her and my grandma said when she was eighteen she would. I don't really get it but maybe it is because my sister and I are twins and we look like each other. I had a theory that we were split souls but I don't think so really anymore.

I remember when my soul was entering my body and I was cleaned from my memories from my past life and basically all I could tell you is even when I entered my body it felt like nothing, I felt empty, not knowing anything even how to feel. I remember seeing pitch black feeling empty, I was nothing or so I felt, I had no awareness of self being. I then saw all theses colors, Like you do when you close your eyes but my eyes were open and how do I know? I just know. I then was in a body and I looked around I walked around and I saw my mom and I asked her if she was my mom and she said yes. I asked did I have brothers and she said yes and then I looked up and saw my brothers room from where I was and I can't remember anything else. If anyone knows why or has any ideas why this is I would be really happy.

My sister Olivia had brought me to this sight and so I ask for answers from anyone who has them thank you.

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Blue-Elegence (3 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
For those who wanted to talk to me by email, can you send me a message
Blue-Elegence (3 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
Thank you for commenting, you have no idea how much this means to me, to know I'm not alone in my questions, my experiances. For those who would like to email me, my email is hanah.rose [at], I don't use my email often but now I have a reason to, I'm happy to talk with people like me, and for that I thank you fot that.

To answer your question rrenesmee I don't really know it happens randomly, when I sit, when I walk, when I pass people, and when I do not but I will tell you guys something I did not write in the story about the shivers, sometimes the shivers feel bad like an guess about a person or something like that and sometimes they feel good, does that mean I can sense a bad and good spirits midnightblueswan.

Bridgette I would love to email you, it would be nice talking to someone like me, I have delt with only good spirits I think I'm unsure about one so I would like to talk to you about that.

Feroxfever thank you for the advice I will try that, I'm on vacation right now but when school start I will change my ways and when I say that I mean I will eat more, I don't eat breakfest because I'm not hungry and at lunch I don't eat even when we have to fo a mile and I'm not really hungry until after lunch time is over and I had p.e. Right after lunch last year so it really drained me which is why I also think I was taking my friends energy without knowing it, so I will eat lunch and mabey breakfest in the morning, I'm in a rush because my dad is a p.e. Teacher there which sucks and so I have to be at school before all the other kids and wake up much earlier because my dad loves being a teacher and I was use to my mom taking me to school but she had no reason to drive me to school since my dad was a teacher there.

Thanks midnightblueswan that really helped me out, I will contact you by email if I need any more advice

Once again my email is hanah.rose [at]

But if anyone knows any thing about the memories I would be greatfull
fashionmaster (2 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
hey hannah. I'm bridgette. And I'm thirteen too. I have some of the same symtoms you do. Its only in a place I spend a lot of time at that I see things. Usually they are out of the corner of my eye. Like at camp and at my house. Some times I feel really scared to do anything for no reason. Email me and tell me more stories!
MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
You are a medium, which means you can see and sense spirits. And you can feel others emotions means you are an empath. Your sister is clairvoyant, which means that she sees visions of the future. Premonition is when you see visions during the day while your awake, and precognition means you have visions while you are asleep in your dreams or nightmares. And you can contact your spirit guide (thank you yet again birdzgoboom for helping me contact my spirit guide) by meditating, then concentrating all your psychic energy into your third eye. Then call out to your spirit guide for guidance in life. Warning this may not work for you, so you should try many different ways. And when you get sudden chills like that it means that there is a spirit near by. I hope I helped you. And if you need help on anything you can email me about it, my email is on my profile.

~Help is needed
FeroxFever (6 stories) (101 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
I get the shivers like that sometimes too, they are uncontrollable, but I found that if I try to contain them, they just get more intense.
I'm a psi vamp, and one way to make sure that your not taking as much energy from people is took make sure your body is in good shape and health. Like when I'm tired or not eating right, I take more energy from those around me, but when I'm in good shape I don't have to take as much energy from those around me. I guess you kind of have to experiment with it, ask your sister to do little sessions with you, I have found I can give even MORE to people than I can take.
Also I don't have to Touch people anymore either, I establish a link mentally then drain that way if I have to, so no one will become AS suspicious.
Doing Meditative techniques and focusing on your own mind can make your abilities more tangible, and less an impulse, like how you said that you are taking people's energy on accident. Try a little every week you may see a difference.
rrenesmee (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
i don't have any answers but I do have a question about the shivers. Before you get them does anyone pass by or does it happen just randomly? Because it happens to me but only when someone passes by me and I was wondering if you knew why if yswers my email is taylorarispe [at]

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