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Darker Me, The Girl, Head Tingle, Cloak


Hey people who are reading this, I have a question for you if you can answer, it'll be appreciated. Everything paranormal around me seemed to spike when I moved with my family into the current house I live in now. Ever since I have started to feel this type of energy emerging around me but within me as well, the energy is the same but it feels as if it comes from two sources out of nowhere. The energy feels dark and wicked with amusement in it, I smile when I feel it, I enjoy the feeling which scares me because its just not me, I'm a nurturing type of person, I only wish for peoples happiness because it makes me happy, so I help in anyway, to heal them when there sad,upset, or confused.

The best way I can put it is that it feels like a darker side of me that enjoys pain and suffering, at least those are the vibes that I get from it. What is this feeling and why do I feel it I ask you who might know, I feel it come from me out of nowhere from the core of my body and it scares me but then it feels as if something is cloaking me with this energy from another source that's not from me and I just can't locate it, this scares me so if anyone can enlighten me on this I would be very happy.

One day when I was listening to music and as you might know from one of my other stories that music opens up my psychic side, a girl called for my help.

I was perfectly happy, listening to happy music when I heard a little girls voice desperately calling for my help and I just did not know what to do, I could only hear her but her calls faded away after a few minutes and I was feeling guilty that I could not help or rather I did not know how to. I would like to hear some advice if any can be given.

I have started to get these tingles on my head and on the sides of it too. I can't describe it well and I don't know why I feel it so if anybody know about that kind of stuff I would love to hear your comments.

In one of my other stories I mentioned getting shivers and a comment said that it was when I was near a spirit or the other way around but I think there is another meaning to the shivers. I think they are also a warning system in a way because you see when I ever went to this restaurant I would get those shivers and then I would start to feel horrible and sick for no reason and I had not even eaten anything and I would just get these bad vibes and when I walked out of the restaurant the feeling would go away instantly.

Over the summer I got food poisoning at that restaurant and I could of have died from it to. My heart was beating really fast and it could have stopped, I was bright red everywhere, my fingertips where blue and I was shaking very bad with a headache added to all of that, they gave me two shots of something which had hurt so bad that I was crying. Sorry for rambling but anyways I'm just thinking that those shivers could have been a warning thing as well.

My last topic that I want to ask about is about the cloaked shadows. I have one at my house that was very attached to me and tried to isolate me from my friends and family by threatening them and I was going through a dark time during that. When I went to Hawaii for a month and told it to not follow me, so it did not.

It does what I tell it to do but sometimes rebels, for example I told him to leave my family and friends alone and he did except whenever I was angry or upset at someone in my family he would taunt them, trying to strike fear in them and besides that I have a friend who has some abilities and whenever she came over he would always be active around the house, he did not like her one bit and one time tried to tell her something about me but all she could make out was " Hanah, we, at " she said it sounded like a whole bunch of muttering. Anyways when I left for Hawaii I discovered this site by my sister and learned how to make shields and such. When I came back he was gone and then I saw him again and he stayed for a while but there was so much negative energy in are house at the time to. He disappeared again and a few days ago saw him again in my room but the strange thing is, is that my mom painted my room and burned the paint with sage somehow and so my room should be ghost free but somehow he was in my room, besides that the cloaked figure comes and goes and it not attached to me anymore, I want to know anything I can about these cloaked figure because from what I have heard there are a lot of them.

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Hellhound60 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-13)
I to have felt a dark energy come around me. I'm not sure where it's from but my friend thinks that because I was pocessed once that I absorbed it's dark tendencies. I think he is right but I learned to expel those tendencies by training on weekends. In truth what you are feeling is probably some what similar to what I went through. It's really not that bad if you know how to deal with it. To explain it all everyone has a good and bad side. We tend to express the good side but the bad still exists. Now I don't think your bad side is nowheres near as bad as mine but none the less if you practice in the paranormal It is always a good idea to take percaustions. I didnot and ended up getting pocessed. One good way to take precausion is to find someone that can manipulate energy. They can always protect you. There are even a Select few that can also see the bad sides that we hide. I for one can see the sides and confront them all because I confronted my own freed myself of the evil that pocessed me. On a side note I'm not a big religious nut I just don't want anyone having to deal with what I when threw alone and to try and prevent it and if you or anyone else has a question to ask me on this subject feel free to email at hoffmangary4 [at] I will alway reply if isn't something mean or really rude. Also don't Fear it that can prevent it to and I'm not trying to scare anyone I'm just giving a different point of view so please no one bite my head off for my oppinion.:)
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-12)
I also have times when I don't feel like myself and sometimes want to hurt people. I never do though. I think I have somewhat learned control over it (though I don't know how) because it has stopped bothering me.

You might be sensitive to the energy around you. The negative vibes that might have been coming off of the shadow could have effected you.

You can manipulate your energy by putting it into your hands or sides. That's the tingly sensation. It can feel tingely or numb. To get more control over it, picture where you want your energy directed to a "push" out with your mind.

To get rid of the shadow, you must first be unafriad of it. To have fear gives it power over us. The negative emotions that were around you fed it. You must be confident when getting rid of it. You must say things like you are not welcome here and must leave or some sort of varitation. I don't think that shadows are ghosts. That could explain why he got in. I think that sage just purifies. Your room picked up on the negative emotions surronding your life and allowed the shadow access.

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