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Was I Willed To My Abilities?


My name is Kennedy. This is the second story that I have written on this site. Anyway, I have questions. I'll start at my relatives. When I was about 7 years old I was told that one of my great grandparents was a witch. I didn't know if I was just being told this for laughs or not at the time but now I am believing it. My grandmother lived about 4 or 5 generations ago, 1800's I'd say. My actual grandmother (my mom's mother) was the one to tell me about this, saying that before my great grandmother was killed, she wrote a will, not just any will, like, I will my blah blah blah to so and so, but a will that was leaving her abilities to her descendants, my grandma said that she willed all of her abilities to one person, her great great great (No idea how many greats) Granddaughter. I was the first girl to be born into that said generation, and here I am seeing ghosts, auras, and making air hockey tables give me extra games.

I have two friends that have similar abilities to what I do, but mine seem to be less modern, and more complex, and stronger. They have both proved their abilities to me

My friend, we'll call her C can see shadow people and she draws them like a magnet, her mother died when C was only two days old so she was raised in a house with her father and grandmother, she has said to have seen her mother several times since her death, she can described her perfectly. And can tell her father stories of their dates, ones that happened and she had never heard of, ones that he can prove to be valid.

My other friend, Rem, she can communicate with spirits, including my brother who died when he was 19 in a car accident 10 years ago. Rem can make things happen... She can be sitting in a spot of grass, no cloud in sight, no trees in sight nothing, but she can ask the dead, somebody, strongly close to her at that moment, to make a sound, to knock on wood or something, you can hear it, even though there is nothing around to make that sound. Crazy stuff

I have been to physics and doctors, I was put into therapy, and out of a lot of things that doctors said to me, I was diagnosed with Aura, and Clairvoyance... They said that the rest was so strange that it couldn't be categorized. That didn't surprise me, everything that I can so is from back in the 1800's. I have "had visions" of someone similar to myself, but older, and looking different, in a dress, like back in the 1800's killing a man, stabbing him in the back with a curved dagger, laughing as the knife hits each rib, I could feel it hit each rib, I could feel the warm blood on my hand, I could hear the snapping of his bones, and I could feel him losing power every second, taking joy in it. Savoring it. As he dropped to his knees, I pulled the dagger out of him, licked the blood and smiled with a scary look of possession and satisfaction in my eyes... Turned around and saw my child looking at me, 6 years old maybe, a boy... With such horror in his eyes. My laughter immediately stopped... And I started to cry. Not to long after I woke up from that "vision" To find myself standing in my back yard. No idea how I got there... It wasn't a dream, as I said earlier, it was a "vision" but still. I don't know what to think about it... I went to my grandmothers house that afternoon determined to find a photo of my great great grandmother... I found one... Identical to who I saw myself as... What do I do? Or... Just tell me something... Just help me figure SOMETHING out. By the way... I was wearing the great great grandmothers bracelet when this vision thing happened... I haven't wore it since, and nothing has happened since I stopped wearing it. Explanations would be great.:/

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Kenwahh (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-23)
It was.
Thank you so much.
It makes a lot of sense...
I may ask and see if anyone in my family also has 'the gift'...
Thank you so much.
Reiki-Master (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-25)
It is very common indeed to inherit psychic ability, if someone is 'open' to the spirit realm then their child will be too, although it can remain latent in them and so appear to 'skip' a generation or two. Many of the women in my family are psychic although they differ in strength and acceptance and their main gift. It sounds to me that your grandmother realised you were gifted and tried to explain it to you by first telling you about your ever so many great grandmother's ability and then telling you she had willed it to you. Therefore making it special and personal to you. After all you were very young at the time and the story probably served you well up to now. But I think you will find that as you get older you are not the only member of your family to have 'the gift.' Picking up information from an inanimate object is called psychometry and is usually composed of pictures, small visions and information about the person who owned it or events of great emotion that happened around the object. However, the vision you had was far far more than that. It is much more than a vision and I don't know what this sort of vision is called but my aunty used to get them all the time, not trigered by objects but by old buildings like inns or castles and she would experience an emotional event through the eyes and body of a person in the past who had lived it. It feels the same as if you really did time travel to the past and inhabit someone else. This has only ever happened to me once, trigered by a burial mound called Wayland Smithy and it has to be the scariest psychic experience I have ever had and I never want it to happen again lol. Since then my visions have merely been like watching a film. I hope this is of some help.

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