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Hearing Voices, Seeing Flashes Of Light, Etc


There are times when I can hear voices of people I can't tell if they are really there or if its in my head and I sometimes even believe that they are real. But I sometimes find that they are not and it sounds like people are talking and then at some time in the future I hear them talking and they are actually there, saying that.

I can know when there is going to be some kind of a consequence if I do something but there is no rational way I would know that. Part of me says "no" and then some thing I am partly aware of can sense the consequence or I see what will happen I can sense what will happen in the future sometimes it is not by my own choice and I wrote in another article.

I have seen flashes of light in my room at night I don't know if this due to a headache or weather something was outside or it was a paranormal experience but I know that I have seen it on a fine day and without any thunder to go along with it. I also saw it during the day once. I used to see that a lot after I banged my head once when I was about 15 (Now I am 21). I also hurt my head a few days a go and I saw it again I think twice. I saw it seemed to be outside my window although I believe that the curtains were closed. It was a yellowish white. Sometimes I can see spirits or (white) but I see them for maybe half a second.

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